Reisio: so you’re not sure.

Saffer: Thanks for the suggestion.

Siciliano: Marduk1984 give it a display:block

Lawrey: Siciliano and how do we bring it to the right side as in the image?

Siciliano: Marduk1984 you could do it with margin-left

Ferrigno: Siciliano perfect. exacly what i needed ,thanks :

Shbi: Marduk1984: text-align: right; for future.

Pickings: Tinystoat i tryed that earlier and it only pushes the text to the right, within the button. thanks tho

Niermann: Marduk1984: oh right i see what you’re doing sorry misunderstood :

Fagnant: Can anyone find a solution to my ever wandering around texts on this page?

Degrave: It has to be fixed regarless of the screen resolution.

Gerland: If i have a div and if i put an image of any size will the width of image be set to 100%?

Sheeley: I want to select every img which is an immediate child of an a that links to a URL containing “fileUploads”. I have identified ahref*=”fileUploads” so far, but how do I select the img tags?

Blouir: Ahref*=”fileUploads” img

Dice: But this isn’t BEM, this href=”.”

Latshaw: Lemondom: BEM is just a naming convention

Pesicka: Lemondom: BEM is just a naming convention

Martinetto: Is there a way to select all as whose hrefs end in png OR jpg OR gif, etc?

Jackiewicz: Specifically I want to get THOSE as’ img children

Karle: So if you are an img and your parent is a link to an image, I want to select you

Semple: Squeegily: instead of *= you’d want $=

Bald: Reisio: Yes, but how do I get that multiple-valid-attribute-suffixes behavior?

Budinich: Squeegily:

Ogen: Something else you can do, though, is remove the extensions from your images

Baille: Or just give them something shared

Clayborne: Ahref$=”jpg”,ahref$=”png”,etc img

Vreeland: Foo-imagehuzzah-bar.jpggifpng

Windell: Href*=”-imagehuzzah-”

Bliven: This is for a userscript on a website with intentionally awful design

Leehan: Why is firefox refusing to work with flexbox. using FF 37 Trying to vertically center the icons on the left.

Tlumacki: Squeegily: almost, you’ll have to duplicate the img bit,k too

Mundinger: I want to make it a tad more usable

Provenza: Hi sorry to bother, but towards the bottom of this page we have a grid of menus in columns of 3 but for some reason the Canapes & sharing platters isn’t sitting in line properly and it floating right. Can anyone please help get these to line up right?

Fisanick: Jonah:

Desormeaux: Can someone tell me if this is Bootstrap or just a lot of CSS?

Treadaway: Looks like normalize.css, then a bunch of custom glyphs

Scandura: Not going through it all

Grinman: Nobody would use bootstrap _and_ bother to remove everything mentioning bootstrap within bootstrap

Sering: So probably it’s the latter

Gruhn: Reisio: Hi thanks but none of those validations issues look to be the cause of the images not lining up?

Kher: Jonah: then why’d I link to it

Rey: That’s definitely bootstrap.

Honie: Reisio: sorry I really appreciate your help, but which bit of the validation problem is the cause?

Nino: Jonah: likely more than one bit

Rey: Skinux: I’m seeing all of Bootstrap. Whatever compiler was used might have stripped out most of the comments.

Tesreau: Reisio: so you’re not sure then?