Reighard: yeah, i actually.

Tacopino: Well, I have a “Back” or “Cancel” link too

Linkhart: Whats the site that lets you pull images specified by their filename for testing?

Jozsa: Like a grey box with the pixel dims in hte image?

Brentson: Blakespot:

Dunivan: So i’ve got a question about S***

Gines: Https://

Ahhee: As you can see my css file is m***ive with a bunch of custom colors

Hiteman: Is this something s*** can help solve? like can I loop through a list of color codes to create those definitions?

Reighard: When you are using s***, why not split it up into files

Reighard: Like _palette.scss for the colors

Reighard: But then again it may become too complex again

Reighard: I for example just use variables like $color-blue-light

Reighard: As you can see from left to right

Reighard: Color, blue and it is light blue

Ecoffey: I have a page that is responsive and i’m adding an image on top that doesn’t get responsive

Highberger: How can i make it responsive?

Fannings: Reighard: i am total s*** newb

Vilar: Reighard: can you link me to a resource that will help explain what i need to do here?

Reighard: Dandaman: I found this quite helpful: http://thes******-project

Lollar: Hey guys, do buttons in firefox have a problem with display: flex? I have a button with two spans in it, and they take two lines rather then occupy the same line

Reighard: Stoogenmeyer: google for “flexbugs”

Reighard: Https://

Reighard: Cool btw:

Reighard: Postcss as css postprocessor – nicely to integrate with s***

Hoosock: Yep, apparently buttons cant be flexboxes

Rannalli: Reighard: so the thing i want to do is really a mixin, right?

Whipple: I have an image that I’m using for my background, but no matter what I do, I can’t make the image fit different screens. I’ve tried using background-size: cover; I’ve tried 100%, I’ve tried different combinations of fixed / center but nothing works. How do you make an image fit what ever screen it’s opened on, I was hoping to not use JQuery, which I know could solve this problem

Vankoten: Anyone? max-width:100% shows the img too big on mobile

Procter: Use JavaScript, CSS can’t handle verying resolutions correctly.

Moree: Hi everyone, im trying to create a form with two buttons, one submit and the other to attach a file. When I click on the attach button, it tries to send the form. what am i doing wrong?

Lingerfelt: I am using this to center a very wide div: position: absolute; transform: translate-50%, -50%; left: 50%; top: 50%;

Steffy: In IE, the page expands to fit left: 50%, but is not shrunk back down by translate

Veen: Is there a workaround?

Obert: Did you use all the proper prefixes

Deloria: Pingveno:

Traynor: Youla: IE 11, plus the emulation mode for 10 and 9.

Chodorov: If something is in a container with 30px padding on all sides, how could you get an image within that container to break past the padding and fit 100% while everything else inside the container still respects the 30px padding?

Fechter: Whats the point of having columns in RWD?

Belone: I have a big css file and I’m using custom.css file to customize parts of it. I’m trying to force all table th background colors to be the same. I tired table, th { background-color: #460781 !important } but none of the tables are changing. Anyone have ideas?

Reighard: Dandaman: you still there?

Schwalenberg: Reighard: yeah, i actually got it working with mixins, take a look at what i did and tell me if this was a good or bad way of doing it