PatrickC: the thing is that.

Hockman: Hello, I am making a navigation bar in HTML and CSS; how can I make the overflow be a scroll bar properly ie. overflow horizontally and not vertically?

Lawlor: I made a jsbin here:,css,output

Fake: As you can see, you can scroll vertically on the “Element” list, but not horizontally

Masincup: Calinou: make a container inside the scrollable content

Masincup: Calinou: the content isnt overflowing I think?

Kringel: Is this an appropriate place to ask a layout question?

Bava: Gde33, in default jsbin view and 1920×1080 screen, it sure overflows

Kollen: What should I do on my scroll container div?

Masincup: Calinou: try something like .scroll-container {word-wrap:no-wrap;white-space:nowrap; }

Masincup: Ehh that should be nowrap 2 times

Masincup: Or you could just give it a width to have it overflow

Masincup: Make the container 1000px or something

Masincup: Calinou: there it is :

Masincup: Calinou: could use the ul as the wrapper

List: Do you have a working version?

Masincup: But I’ve seen it work just now

Masincup: Not sure if both nowraps are needed

Sales: Https://,css,output

Masincup: It is streaming your changes I can see what you are doing

Cambra: Crumpacker: do you know how?

Doe: SzateX: he means something like equalizer.js

Lill: Ehh.

Lazaroff: Ok, having some issues with i think map files, but i’ve never used them, or scss before

Mcchesney: I have an element, .entry-rating.bottom, and it is referenced in style.css and style.min.css

Kolda: Chrome dev tools say that the min is the one being used, ok, so i edit the element and add a property to the .min file, upload it, doesn’t add the property on the site

Fesko: Add a property in web inspector? or directly in a minified file which isn’t great btw?

Abu: Also, does the web inspector show you the original lines in the SCSS files?

Ellicott: I added the property in the web inspector, worked fine

Sommese: If not, sourcemaps aren’t working correctly for you and you have to tweak your build chain

Vanostberg: Well, it works until you refresh the page I suppose

Strzelecki: It is not something like emmet

Holtzer: Web inspector doesn’t even show that the scss file is the one being used

Ganiron: It’s showing the map file

Feijoo: Well, the thing is that SCSS works in one direction – but not in the other – at least not when using the web inspector

Zee: What version of chrome are you using?

Anton: Uhh, lemme check version

Cihak: Https:// How do I restrict the height of the sub-container .right or basicaly .top to not grow byond the available space in the page?

Dorich: Version 46.0.2490.86 64-bit

Badoni: That is a stackoverflow question

Matzen: PatrickC: and the maps file – how is this generated? gulp-s***?

Pruzansky: I have an answer with css, but I want to learn css enough to be able to do it with plain css.

Crozier: It is a quite simple problem.

Perrier: That i have no idea. basically, i bought a theme, and i’m fairly good with CSS/HTML/PHP, so I normally buy a theme that has good bones, and edit it

Moltrie: Never ran into a theme that used s***/scss/map files

Huyghe: So i’m completely in the dark on how/where/what to do 😛

Schleh: The question is: “is everything possible with css”?

Harkey: PatrickC: the thing is that the theme is in SCSS, so it is a preprocessed CSS file, — you need a sourcemap then if you want to see the original source in browser for an element/styles