Novitski: I tried.

Pod: Http://

Dalbey: Pod, except that doesnt work lol

Appelbaum: Takes me to the site without #target-1

Heckstall: Putting it in the nav links is working.

Brakstad: But clicking from hex did not lol

Longbrake: Pod, Thanks a ton. Ill play with it from here

Pod: Ok I’m heading to bed :

Pod: Ok 1 more fix: replace the menu to ul for backwards compatible reasons.

Vasques: Pod, thanks again. if your still here. coming along

Huaman: When using a media query what are the best max-widths to target?

Novitski: Mentoc: the ones that make your site look bad

Joern: Novitski: fair enough. :

Yeeloy: Hi team, is it possible to specify a css style for just one element?

Goreczny: Is it possible to say style=”div {font:20px}”

Novitski: No. that’s what descendant selector is for

Kinnaman: Then is there a way to limit the scope of css to some element?

Frodge: Right now, it feels like everything is in global namespace

Torrens: Tongcx, Tutorials: • Spec: • Try yours out: • Find yours: • See: specificity

Novitski: Tongcx: that’s what selectors do

Hawkinberry: Yea, then you need to avoid any name collision

Novitski: Http:// – for example

Blashak: Button cl***=”button button-block button-calm”What is my selector for this button text/button

Novitski: What are you trying to select? text=”foo” would select an attribute ‘text’ with the value “foo”

Blashak: Novitski: well this worked: //buttoncontainstext, ‘What is my selector’

Novitski: That doesn’t look like css at all

Blashak: Its xpath. XML is the future.

Blashak: I read it in a book published in 2002

Novitski: Https://

Blashak: Is there an opposite of display:none

Novitski: Display: unset might work

Rakestraw: I am trying to change background color of a website header but not able to do, if I add .css in browser it works but in file it doesn’t , probably it is gets override

Oconnell: Could someone help me?

Fransen: Brigada, Always provide a link to a *live* page or pared-down testcase so we can see the problem in action. Looking at code or images alone usually isn’t very effective. Also see paste and testcase.

Pinner: Http://

Vicks: After login please click on website menu, it will redirect you to website that website has black header, I am trying to change black to red but can’t

Gillespie: Brigada, so. about as secure as your average wireless.

Turmelle: Brigada, wait, so does the login matter or can you just give a link to the other one? What’s the point of logging in then?

Egolf: Novitski: can’t see that without login

Gradilla: Brigada, a pared-down testcase is a page that isolates the problem with the minimum required markup, styling and scripting. See paste for services that easily let you create such testcases for others to see.

Novitski: Brigada: that means that you break out the problem into a testcase that doesn’t require logging in to see

Stanish: Novitski: its heavy project can’t make a testcase also I am not involved in designing just changing some .css

Novitski: Brigada: then you likely will not get helped

Novitski: Brigada: what rule is supposed to match the nav and make it red?

Trevithick: Novitski: I tried nav#oe_main_menu_navbar {background-color:red}