No need to use it,.

Hackborn: Kristian_on_linu, Collapsing margins: • Spec: • Preventing margin collapsing:

Wyche: Reposting: hi. How to make this tetris work blue should touch the top and be besides green? And can I make this work without wrapping the “left” divs?

Eagleston: Wrapping them would be fine too though

Belt: Are there any more challenges like the codecademy web dev challenges?

Spearin: Https://

Eddins: Anotheryou: by using float

Leri: Eddins, obviously : I was too stupid for it. thank you!

Eddins: Anotheryou: no problem at all

Zeis: Eddins, oh, does a reset css and box sizing change this a lot? my actual code behaves so different XD

Taper: Hm. the margin pushes my stuff down. maybe the position is wrong. I’ll have to fiddle around some more.

Korbin: Eddins, this is my trouble i figured:

Carmain: Trying to float around, but the margin pushes down my text, why?:

Sigafoos: Anotheryou, Contain floats: ::

Brzuchalski: Check out those links

Watchman: I am confused about something at

Watchman: I have CSS rule: .daily-event:nth-childodd .picture { float: right; }

Watchman: But for some reason the float: right gets applied to all .daily-event .picture elements in Firefox

Watchman: Not only the odd ones: 1, 3, 5, 7, .

Brzuchalski: Watchman: nth-child counts all of the sibling elements. you probably want :nth-of-type

Graban: Brzuchalski, hm. I read the links but fail to understand why it would only push my text out and am not capable of fixing it with the overflow or the :after :before things :/

Fears: How to have underlined hyperlink with text as red and underline as red as well,and once clicked it should open in new browser, ie for all browsers?

Brzuchalski: Anotheryou:

Saterfield: Javahorn: a { color: red; }

Veneman: Javahorn: a { color: red }; and javascript

Weniger: End users know how to open in new windows/tabs if they want that

Veneman: Reisio: no they don’t. i do.

Takata: Veneman : Thanks, but it does not work, let me paste my part

Veneman: Javahorn: i ***ure you it does work. and if it didn’t work, why didn’t you lead with that?

Stirn: Brzuchalski, did you send the right link? stuff still drops out as far as I can see

Brzuchalski: Anotheryou: i see what you mean.

Brzuchalski: Https:// stuff doesn’t drop here, but im not sure if its what you want

Mckesson: Veneman: This is the one ie

Dunagin: A href=”” target=”_blank” style= text-decoration:underline; border-bottom: 1px solid #FF0000;”

Eader: Javahorn, Preferred live pastebins:

Veneman: Javahorn: where’s color? you didn’t put color in there. how can it work without color?

Veneman: Javahorn: and target hasn’t been supported outside of frames for years

Kroon: Color is the only thing you needed

Idell: Brzuchalski, jup. blue boxes look good because the text is now inside, but should be in the old position

Underland: No, target still does things

Janosek: No need to use it, though