Next to the background.

Jain: Veneman / Piedrahita, got it! thanks a lot.

Strausz: In using a list style image, like the example here, – is there a way in CSS to better vertical-align-center the image by the text? you can see in their example the text is aligned to the bottom, but i want to push the text up

Eddins: MikeyD: use background instead you can position backgrounds, but not list images

Hartory: I totally forgot about that. Way better. Thanks!

Vanbecelaere: Using the body as ‘content container’ and then some margin/padding/etc css on it. Anything wrong with that?

Veneman: Pewpau: why would there be?

Primrose: How do you use padding without it adding pixels?

Eddins: TechMonger: you can change the box-sizing of the element

Yarger: Im starting to realize why ppl use hard measurements like px instead of %

Pychardo: Or you can stop using width when you needn’t

Deibel: Do you can recommend me some software for remove unused css?

Osollo: I’m having some issues with my CSS

Tolzmann: Marshyy, Don’t ask to ask, or ask if anyone can help. Just ask your question or state your problem and wait. Oh, and be sure to read the channel topic.

Laigo: I’m working on this part of the code:

Papakostas: And the height isn’t adjusting

Betson: On mobile Chrome: -BAD!

Aloisi: On mobile IE: -GOOD!

Swehla: Marshyy, Preferred live pastebins:

Eddins: Use one of these tools to make a small web page that displays the issue, and someone can help you to debug it

Doidge: This better?

Lodrigue: Marshyy, can we see the html part as well?

Ceja: Yea, I’m working on isolating everything _

Lodrigue: Just a tip marshyy , have you tried -webkit-min-resolution with vendor prefix on mobile chrome ?

Pietras: Is there some uncomplicated way to have a specific CSS-setting for devices? Buttons gets too small, so I just want the size 300% for cellphones, that’s all

Lodrigue: Marshyy, or -webkit-device-pixel-ratio: 2

Shield: Pewpau, media queries are the way to go

Yuki: Hmr, I tried isolating everything. I think it’s supposed to be like this:

Seager: Oh man, web design is so depressing

Nahm: Woah, the result isn’t what i wanted. basically, image shows at large image GOOD!. Image doesn’t show at small image where I changed it the dimensions. BAD!

Vowell: On mobile Chrome: -BAD!

Hohlfeld: On mobile IE: -GOOD!

Bookard: Pewpau: look into the meta viewport nonsenses

Notowitz: Hey guys, when i use the DOM inspecter, the body of my webpage looks like it has a top margin as it is shifted down from the top of the page. however the inspector says margin is 0. any ideas?

Glander: Body has a default margin

Disque: The built-in “developer” tools in browsers are a joke

Anne: They’re just eye candy to make tourists say “hey this browser has FOO, too! **** YOU OLD BROWSER!”

Namm: Reisio, they do seem convenient. are there better alternative tools?

Herwood: Can anyone help with ? I can’t get the image to appear at smaller screen

Zollo: Marshyy you’re missing a ‘

Bento: A what?

Bluming: Next to the background url