Newbiee, Always provide a.

Quante: AMcBain, im not here for a debate on software development, i know what im doing.

Kuwahara: Xec: svg1.2 is supposed to have a textbox element that provides what I want

Segraves: Gingitsune: sorry I am a newbie at svg

Schlaefer: Zap0: if you explain, we might be able to give you something that will work. if you instead feel the need to obfuscate, we’re going to get frustrated and not help at all

Quante: Schlaefer, none of that has happened. you want the truth, i gave it to you. stop overthinking it.

Acerra: Thanks anyway. I was hoping some of you might have some general knowledge on how to account for text positioning

Schlaefer: Zap0: i haven’t overthunk anything. you asked, i answered. the transaction is completed. enjoy.

Treworgy: I usually cheat and do the inital template in an svg editor ;

Villalvazo: Whoknows, they shift because #menu has a different margin on it.

Katowicz: Whoknows, one has 110px, the other 125px. I wouldn’t usually try to center things by using margin-left.

Monce: Though I did try a quick bit with margin: 0 auto; instead and the results were not what I expected.

Quante: Schlaefer, why have you spit the dummy? you clearly can’t handle the truth.

Callanan: Well, margin:0 auto; “skews the picture” so menu is not truly centered from the header pov

Seawright: Skews what picture? margin: 0 auto; won’t work because the item I applied it to oops was the full width of the parent. No pictures changed when I did that.

Tyce: Aaaand for some reason nth-child wont work -_-

Mckissack: Mbm: I am refferencing stuff from a svg editor, but i have to tweak the stuff anyway 😛

Oshell: How do I keep a column the same height as the other one, can I do that with display: flex?

Delavega: Iavarone, Same height columns: Method 1:, Method 2:, Method 3: — The easy way, no IE6/7 support:

Margis: Can anyone tell me why is the open sans font not rendering on this page ?

Massella: Hello, I have a dilema . why in certain forms where I have some inputs with 1px border, when I use padding sometimes the border of inputs looks blurry instead of 1px sharp ?

Brassfield: Do you have an example?

Bleiler: Apply box-shadow: none;

Schusted: I know some frameworks etc apply a standard box-shadow on focus

Ferns: Hi all, does anyone know what the CCS would be to overwrite the colour used in text boxes on web pages using stylish ? I have ” inputtype=”text”, textarea { background-color : #C3E0CB; }” but I don’t know what to surround it with to make it take effect ?

Flygare: When I have transformed a table using scaling, I need to set the height of it, so I do not get whitespace beneath. I tried table.css’height’, scale * table.height + “px”; but that seems to keep the whitespace, why?

Then: Use background-color : #C3E0CB !important;

Wentzell: Background-color: #C3E0CB !important;

Heinis: Do I need some overflow is hidden crap?

Helo: Semmel, what does the !important do ?

Whooley: Overwrites more specific selectors

Ianniello: Semmel, that changes the background of the page not the text input boxes

Pruneda: Here is the issue .

Spinale: There are 2 screenshots . one with padding 15px and the other one with 16px

Kelch: It is not ideal, you should target the selectors with issues

Caetano: And the input border can see clearly that is blurred in one example

Quinlivan: Tazmain: show an example

Carranco: Newbiee, Always provide a link to a *live* page or pared-down testcase so we can see the problem in action. Looking at code or images alone usually isn’t very effective. Also see paste and testcase.