Nerium, with JavaScript.

Brzuchalski: What response is the network tab showing?

Vezina: Http://

Brzuchalski: If you click on fonts, are they there?

Brzuchalski: Does your console have any errors?

Yanke: Thought the problem is from the server and etc but then opened the index file directly and still nothing happened

Osumi: Pretty sure abut the paths since when I click on each folder name it opens the folder in the side pane of the IDE

Roan: Brzuchalski: having same issue with images . huh

Mcfarling: I mean background-image

Marrett: Https:// lol

Marrett: If you’re spending 2 days to figure out how to style “outline” on links in firefox

Groehler: Hi guys this is surely a stupid question.

Marrett: Then you **** at your job

Marrett: I was commenting on my link

Marrett: I have no idea what your question is

Bronston: I’m coming from Java but now use visual studio a few weeks in. opening another guys code. code.asp . seems like its vb or something don’t know. it has everything framed in % and has a lot of ‘dim’ uses

Catherine: Anyways I dont need to get that part. I just need to reference as css style . now being only a few weeks in

Danese: I know how to add it to html5. but not this. there is no head

Henderson: Dont need to put it in head

Purkett: Rotando: so add one I gather, but that sounds more like #asp .net or than a css issue, and yes, asp is pretty much vb for webserver

Loftus: Alright I suppose I can go to one of those

Zedaker: Just figured referencing css would be something worth going to css for ;

Millener: I doubth they will help me in #asp bprompt

Goddard: Rotando: ?

Eichenberger: Rotando:

Ruz: In Perl or php is about the same, you simply spit out a print”head . /head”; right into the file

Metters: Hmmm I thought I tried that but thx

Corrett: Will have to attempt again

Luloff: I got no clue how to reference a css element inside vb script. form id=myName” . gives me the finger

Doman: Ohh ahemmm the contex above.hmmm yeah. I think that refers to a hand-gesture =

Shipman: Hi Folks. I’m setting a background image on my body tag, and creating a pseudo-element to “fade” the image for better contrast using a background color and an opacity value. I don’t seem to be able to get full coverage though . when there is enough content on my page to require scrolling, the pseudo element doesn’t cover the whole body, just what’s visible before scrolling. I have a simple example of what I mean pasted here:

Velardes: Http:// . the interesting part is in the ‘body:after’ selector.

Cacy: Eurythmia: just doing an overlay?

Scarr: Bprompt, yeah; I want better contrast without needing to edit the actual background image.

Fausey: Eurythmia: well, then you’d want “fixed” for the ::after position, so it sticks even when scrolling, absolute, will simply use height: 100%; and remain there, issue being, that depending on context, body may not extend all the way to the bottom, with elements “sticking out”

Koob: Bprompt, that’s the issue that I found . when I used “fixed” the overlay didn’t seem to show up at all it probably just had a vertical size of 0px

Rowan: Bprompt, seems to be working in my dev env now too. I must have been typing it wrong when I tried before. Thanks.

Donelan: Bprompt, just found another hack that does the trick using a linear gradient with rgba values and no pseudo-element:

Zunino: How do add the drop icon when draging files into a dropable area?

Pam: Nerium, with JavaScript.