Nemo : look at the first.

Belitz: I thought about using css ::before and rotating it, but then i only have an angle in one directon

Guccione: Heya, im searching for a CSS3 HTML5 fit designer for a private project, message me :

Blakesley: Http:// — I need your help here guys. I tried removing the data-role but everything is removed. I then tried z-index and opacity, to no avail.

Glade: Hey, i hope this makes sense, but do any of you happen to know of a css template kind of like bootstrap, but designed for making mobile-responsive dashboard type interfaces?

Waley: Basically i’d like to be able to set a style on an element to make it fill the viewport, then carve up the space inside of it relative to the size of that element

Frisbee: I could do it myself using absolutely positioned divs or something, but it’s been a long time since i’ve done web dev and i’m not sure what’s current best practice.

Beemon: Bot, gimme a list of css ui libs

Horrocks: Searching for a cool good frontend dev for a private project

Coutts: Xatenev: try #css-lance

Willy: Lol this one is great:

Danoski: What’s the best text to display to users if let’s say a value failed to be retrieved from server. Should I just show A — B Waiting for server response C Retrieving, please wait .

Quattrini: Zumba_ad_: why would u print any of those texts

Hankinson: If you alrdy know it failed

Conkey: Its not retrieving anymore, it failed alrdy

Ellerbe: It will be displayed once the network goes back

Figurski: Because it’s on a carousel

Delehoy: It’s like a fake way of telling user

Reaser: To make us not look so bad 😀

Rasual: I mean, to make a nice ux experience

Hamlin: I’m going to try now, I’ll connect again later because I’ll turn off my wifi now so I can simulate failure :

Wolsey: Hey guys, i’d like to create a background montage of these metroJS tiles however, how can I define a specific container size and have these tiles fill the container size without additional white spaces if the container size isnt a multiple of the tile size? ex, i’d like to horizontally & vertically center all tiles; i dont care if the edge tiles are cut off

Dobey: Someone inhere pointed this out to me once. it made my life so much easier

Pundsack: As long as you dont have to care about oldIE

Britts: Longhi: heh. probably will still be readable in old IE, just a bunch of boxes in a column. oh well ☺

Ramoutar: How do you decide if to use a css framework on a project?

Britts: Sl33k: I might consider it for an “app”

Britts: Sl33k: something which just needs a generic look

Britts: Anything where there’s a lot of customisation frameworks can just get in the way

Britts: Esp if you have to work in the constraints of like a CMS

Sillavan: Why border-radius is not working on bootstrap columns?

Knapper: I tried by creating a wrapper inside the column

Coutts: Are you sure you just don’t notice because of transparent backgrounds?

Winther: There is image in the div

Coutts: Do you have a testcase?

Rippel: It’s a locally hosted file

Snellbaker: Coutts:

Simoes: How do I set border-raidus to these blocks?

Britts: Shakil: you can’t tell that the border radius is set because you have padding

Britts: Shakil: so the rounding is occurring outside the image

Britts: You should use margin instead

Britts: Also wtf is up w/ all the inline styling ☹

Galuska: Bootstrap’s column padding

Cachero: I should not override that 😀

Groeber: Nemo : look at the first block