Nemo: I’m going to try.

Cavers: What makes you think the image exists

Korshak: Ah everything is fine, was using wrong base-font divider

Sprake: _dreamer: can you give us some background information? or Jfiddle the piece of code

Riegle: Hi can anyone help me to allow this image to stretch to window height but still extend offscreen

Merine: Which is better to use rem or em?

Heter: Nemo: I can’t get it to work in webdevout: The JS makes the files too big and then it’s pointless without the JS

Gutierre: I guess in bootstrap without html reset its best to use em

Bowcutt: Bootstrap ****s, reset ****s

Hutson: Rem is less of a mind fsck

Maxson: But less well supported

Wietzel: On inspect elements, when you edit the HTML on the left hand side is there any way to find out what file name it is you’re editing?

Marrett: Emaczen: your button styling is so dependent on JS? O_o

Marrett: Emaczen: the way you described the problem it sure didn’t seem like it

Marrett: Emaczen: if so, maybe that suggests a source of the problem 😝

Marrett: Maybe you’re in the wrong channel

Gebauer: Nemo: No, the HTML that I am having a problem with is only displayed after a click event.

Monington: If anybody can see this link:, use firefox and click the “Start Quiz” button.

Marrett: Emaczen: display it as if the click event had occurred in your testcase

Metoxen: Emaczen, a pared-down testcase is a page that isolates the problem with the minimum required markup, styling and scripting. See paste for services that easily let you create such testcases for others to see.

Marrett: Not requiring a click event seems to fall under that

Marrett: Emaczen: btw, your links would actually be links if you inclued http://

Marrett: Emaczen: hell, since you’re using a non-standard port it is even more important

Marrett: Freakin’ chrome started that annoying trend

Marrett: There are dozens of url bars bugs in firefox that would have been avoided if they’d used the Opera approach instead

Marrett: That is, hide http:// but show it on focus of url bar

Appell: Nemo: Any ideas on changing the port? My router won’t let me choose 80 as the starting/ending external port when I use port forward.

Marrett: Emaczen: huh. weird. how about 443?

Marrett: If it is reserving 80, that’s mildly worrying

Marrett: Implies maybe your router is exposing its interface to external world which is a very bad thing

Marrett: Another possibility is your ISP ****s

Trame: Nemo: It just tells me “Port conflict with other service.”

Marrett: Emaczen: hm. port 80 isn’t accessible from here.

Kimery: Nemo: Can you give me a range which is?

Marrett: Emaczen: wonder if your ****y router can’t tell the difference between inbound requests on 80 from external interface and inbound requests on 80 from internal

Marrett: Emaczen: yeah. they block most ports here, sorry. 80 or 443. but seriously. just remove the JS from your testcase. if the JS is unhiding something, include it in the testcase unhidden by default

Marrett: That’s only polite anyway

Kiss: Power died, how do I correctly link to an image with css on ubuntu?

Seward: I redirect all traffic to index.php

Marrett: _dreamer: why would ubuntu be a factor?

Stanfa: _dreamer: what makes you think the image exists?

Brea: I can physically see it and open it

Vanover: _dreamer: physically where?

Bah: In my /var/www/res/img/oicture.png

Marrett: Http://localhost/res/img/oicture.png

Mcausland: Nemo: I’m going to try configuring my server/router a little better as I hope to get into business one day.