Nehaljwani, tables.

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Vuillemot: If I have many span tags inside a div, and each span contains only one word, how do I make sure that after ooccupying the width of the parent div, the next span comes in a new line, instead of increasing the width of the parent div and be on the same line?

Crumpacker: It should do that by default if you set a width on the div

Nichalson: Crumpacker: I am using bootstrap and the div is inside a container with cl*** col-lg-5

Measom: Nehaljwani, spans are inline elements by default, so they will wrap and since the div is block level its just going to expand to its full width which it wants to make as big as it needs to be. so if you set the width on the div, the inline spans will wrap according to its parent width

Crumpacker: Nehaljwani: i have no idea what bootstrap does in that case, sorry

Crumpacker: Maybe ask in ##bootstrap

Maricich: If I set width, the text just goes out of the div

Rundquist: If you send me a fiddle in ##bootstrap ill take a look at it

Svatek: It will be hard to create a fiddle. so many things involved :’

Lewy: Http://

Dalere: So many things involved, yet if we dont know what else is involved, we cant help you anyway

Luxenberg: Bango2:

Cirillo: I can understand the problem youre having, but having that picture is about as useless as not having the picture

Padel: Looks like its running off of that button, if thats a button

Cumiskey: Bango2:

Rackett: Youre structuring your site with tables

Kanzler: And adding other semantical html in the table

Kubsch: Yeah baby! can’t beat that, bootstrap to layout with tables, don’t forget to sprinkle a few frameset’s as well

Maduena: Please could you check if you select a filter on the left you will see the grey boxes on the right side As loading. take a look at the effect.what is this ?

Gisler: Was this a WYSIWYG originally?

Chrisler: Bango2: what is that?

Mowbray: Drag and drop website creation, WYS what you see IWYG is what you get

Morasch: I didn’t quite understand. I created it from scratch.

Lanpher: How do i make the text inside h1 be aligned vertically and horizontally to its containerthe actual h1 element in blue

Steimer: Horizontally is easy with text-align but vertically i dont really see how to do it.

Levanger: Bango2: bacon powder? if you’re referring to bootstrap, nope, it’s meant to be just a quick deployment tool framework

Crowin: Vertical alignment is one of the most asked about css questions, and it ****s because its not straightforward in many cases

Lick: Brompt nah i meant nehal’s site

Foecke: I’ve used flexbox with its properties to make a lot of stuff vertically align but for h1 it doesnt work

Rougeau: Bango2: are you suggesting me to remove tables completely?

Akiereisen: I know you can also use a table and make it a table cell to make stuff vertically align but i dont want to do that

Torain: Nehaljwani, tables definitely have their place, but definitely not as page formatting