Nattyrice: I’d need.

Dunleavy: Is it possible to do something like div id=”stock.in_stock”In stock/div to specify two cl***es. So I can apply some styles to “stock” and overide some styles in stock.in_stock and stock.not_in_stock?

Aljemal: Or do I have to nest two divs?

Milley: Reisio; I tried that with CSS: .stock{.} but it doesn’t work

Aversano: Cl***=”onecl*** asecondcl***”

Kanoza: The_Ball, cl***=”stock in_stock”

Matczak: Corresponds to .onecl*** { } .asecondcl*** { }

Killingsworth: Oh I see, not id but cl***. Thanks a lot!

Chowdhury: How can I create the ripple effect of material design buttons when clicked

Cygrymus: Of google material design buttons

Landquist: Just copy their code, the functional bits and not the rest of the crap

Penhallurick: Or just get the css from google directly

Picado: Http://

Comins: I’ve seen some code with javascript

Levinthal: But I know this is possible with CSS alone

Galindo: Drej: I’m looking forward to adding the effect to a custom element of mine

Crary: I just really like the effect

Ritchlin: I’ve been playing with pseudo elements

Aldous: But so far, no progress

Pozo: Drej: thanks for the link though :

Frigon: Eddins, object-fit: cover is fitting to the width, i need it to fit to the height

Windon: Nattyrice: Hmm, AFAIK, object-fit doesn’t work like that.

Dejesus: Does anyone know why flexbox in Safari act ‘weird’ . ? Weird being . I have two flexboxes of different sizes and the larger one is forcing the smaller flexboxes height to match it’s own height which makes the smaller box taller leaving empty whitespace below it to fill the height.

Glanzman: Does anyone know of a browser extension that allows you to choose the color and inject that color into an element? This way I can see how a color looks on my page as I choose it real time?

Eddins: Nattyrice: that would work fine

Escalante: Literphor: I use .colorpicker

Macchiarella: Then just do a background-color: mycolor

Maver: But if you want more real time

Barca: Omg wtf – Could someone please tell me where the extra 2 pixel spacing is coming from please!

Haggerton: Http://

Klimko: Wfpkhc, Always provide a link to a *live* page or pared-down testcase so we can see the problem in action. Looking at code or images alone usually isn’t very effective. Also see paste and testcase.

Freber: Eddins it doesn’t seem to. i am currently trying ot switch over to using background-image and it isn’t cooperating either. can’t even get the image to show this way

Semenec: Pretty sure i ahve the url correct because when i had the style applied properly before i checked out the style in the browser an could open the image in a new tab just fine

Eddins: I mean, URL to your page, if you need help

Jordahl: Code can be found here –

Eddins: Em relates to font-size, not screen width

Winship: Ok, thanks. i’ve been misinformed.

Eddins: Tejasmanohar: perhaps you are thinking about vw

Flenord: On the buttons “screen ehight and width” there is an extra 2 pixels compare to the buttons

Schreuder: Eddins, i am trying to fix the carousel image on that page. but i don’t have a demo my current changes

Tobacco: But that’s not supported in ios 7 and older android stufs

Eddins: Wfpkhc: the font-size is different. You are using ‘pt’ to size text

Eddins: Never do that for screen, only for print

Eddins: Wfpkhc: if you want it related to the parent element font-size, then yes. The input is currently 11px, so try that

Eddins: Nattyrice: I’d need something to debug…