Motoservo: it isolates OS.

Gendron: Most sizing is in percentages but a few in pixels and type in points.

Steczo: Are you using a preprocessor like s*** ? or postcss?

Janak: I think all of these are percentages. Anything relevent, here in the table spacing.

Steczo: Https://

Steczo: Https://

Steczo: Is this similar or same?

Steczo: Maybe updating the phantomjs dependency would help? are you using phantomjs directly?

Estill: Damn you’re good. I’ve searched several times over several days. Guess I should have been narrowing my search to phantom. But the weasyprint thing was throwing me.

Schuiling: I’ll read over this.

Condrey: Yeah, we’ve got it installed on a server but I’m using a local copy.

Steczo: Right – you are using nodejs/npm for this screenshot thing?

Goodmon: Unfortunatley we’re stuck on 1.9 but I *think* I tested against my 2.0 and that had the artifacts too.

Steczo: If so, one can often force a package to use a newer dependency than indicated in package.json

Kueter: No, just a screen cap from OS X.

Steczo: Is that tool – that uses phantomjs – opensource?

Steczo: Got it a github page?

Steczo: If so, add an issue there so they know and can upgrade the dependency of phantomjs to newer release

Labrode: It’s all open source.

Penton: But this is a direct call from phantom.

Widhalm: No external tools though I know there are testing frameworks that plug it in.

Steczo: According to the issue with the white borders – it is resolved by newer versions of phantomjs

Vanwhy: We’re only using it for PDF.

Galstad: Well, the 2.0 I’ve got also has the issue. But perhaps the nightlys are fixed.

Steczo: And what OS? it seems that it also uses external libs

Pujols: 1.9 also has some hidious mis-rendering on the style sizes but I’ve had to style accordingly.

Steczo: What about using phantomjs in a docker container to isolate everything?

Steczo: Https://

Steczo: Https://

Steczo: When you use that, you get an isolated phantomjs with all dependencies, so nothing can go wrong

Jeancy: Well, it’s complicated. We’re using it with a PHP module on a laravel server so that we can add custom headers and footers.

Novelli: I’ll read through these though. And thanks again for so much info. Have you experience with phantom?

Steczo: Right – but this would be a first try, right? when it works in the container you know it is not just the release but probably some library used by phantomjs from the OS.

Steczo: But I use selenium now

Fairfield: I’ve gotten better help just now, here, than I have in the phantom channel.

Steczo: Well, I try to get it running better with webdriver io

Steczo: Hehe, #css is a competent channel – and I add some competency, too :

Steczo: Gtg now, good luck + fun to you

Chaidy: I gather Steczo is saying he/she is really “not a lemon”

Williar: So, strange that weasyprint also has the same issue.

Steczo: Motoservo: well, the external dependencies/libs from OS are the same – hence the docker container approach to isolate this source of issues

Lisa: Back atcha. Steczo . A great day to you!

Steczo: Btw, my nick should be a play with DOM tree and lemon tree, eh, anyway

Eader: I don’t quite understand all that. But I’ll save the transcript and re-read, and study up.

Torset: I don’t know what docker is, in particular.

Steczo: Motoservo: it isolates OS on kernel level – so the libraries and dependencies, etc are isolated – you start with an image that is known to work