Michael_p would you pay.

Stenger: Riera let me check it out

Humes: Jessica_h and give proper indentation

Soltis: Roposure will keep in mind for future .

Toline: Riera you are so right ! removing that bracket got my main header div back .

Adsit: Awesome . so I have learnt something . thanks to you guys

Israelsen: Like if there is one main div and I give it position fixed, then all the div’s inside that main div , their position will be fixed as well

Fitz: Can anyone tell me why is the search button partially visible — https://jsbin.com/duqunelava/edit?html,css,output

Rasmuson: Is that right ? I mean I don’t have to ***ign position fixed to the div’s inside the main div

Fairleigh: Jessica_h i dont’t think so

Ficarra: I think you jsut position the main div to fixed

Mirick: Yes , but like I am playing around . so I removed the position fixed from the name and contact div’s . but they are stil fixed

Zuluaga: So the possible explaination could be , if the parent div is fixed, any div’s inside them would be fixed as well

Schurman: Thanks again Riera ropo , I better hit the excercises again . have a good one

Creedon: Ropo your search input and button are positioned fine. i’d place them outside of ul and put ul into div that keeps it together, as positioning li right is a strange idea,but that doesn’t affect the styling

Tun: Ropo the problem is in ul being wider than body by default, even without your search box

Mundschau: So the saerch box positions in a proper position when it should be

Pohlmann: Taking into account that ul is wider than what’s on the screen

Wilbur: Your ul somehow goes crazy with width:100%

Bernhard: Yeah i just realised it now,since position: fixed means element is positioned realtive to my computer screen not my browser window size, is it?

Hoese: I’ve got very similar code in my app and it works how it should

Hargrove: And i checked css rule by rule to find the culprit

Vandebrake: Both in your and mine project

Wehring: But how come is the ul bigger than the body ?

Laurel: It also gets some crazy top and bottom margin

Pluff: Keep your links as blocks, not inline

Cuadro: So u got any hack for this problem?

Wooddell: Ropo i rewrote everything in divs instead of uls

Berks: And it works with button visible where it should be

Zalar: So it’s a fault of some additional ul styling

Pfeiffenberge: If you keep your ul inside of div and move the fixed and width rules to div

Nicole: Brajt its because of the browser default styling i think we can set margin and padding as 0 for ul, but the funny thing is now the width is not 100% even if i set it to.

Mehelich: I’m too lazy to set such things by myself, i just go with any css reset available

Wasielewski: In bootstrap, an icon is added simple with: content: “e021”; but how is that done? how is the image loaded?

Wohlwend: Mathewbe you should probably checkout the source code

Wigren: Matthewbe: check the font

Viengxay: Http://www.utf8icons.com/character/57377/UTF-8-character

Fondriest: Icon is loaded from the attached font with sing e021

Exton: After all content is just a string

Spinney: So to check how it worked in my project i started canceling some css rules

Falcon: Then i open the modal and see that http://i.imgur.com/nJIs10P.png

Glab: Would youy pay $1000 for a website

Wigren: I would certainly charge $1000 for a basic website

Awe: Michael_p: don’t be a cheap business owner :

Mazin: The end product will certainly look pretty ****ty

Muszynski: Michael_p would you pay $10000 for a car?