Merkazu_: unless.

Malinchalk: EllisTAA: check in the web developer tools, right-click it, “inspect”, in the background, it’d show and arrow, click it to expand the shorthand

Veneman: Wowk: right. and now i’m saying that because the borders don’t work out right, it’s better to use padding. and since your real thing doesn’t have a background, padding will work fine

Nicklas: Padding-left: 5px; padding-right: 5px;

Deyo: Yeah but the last box falls donw

Barfknecht: Bprompt_: thanks for the help

Harborth: Bprompt_: what do i need to know to be good at css

Whitelow: Veneman: or something with last:child ?

Veneman: Wowk: syntax is wrong. check your browser’s error console perhaps?

Dembo: Chrome not showing any

Kudla: Ok As final I need to do a margin-right: 10px; at last-child i guess and calculate again

Dilaura: What is “::before” and “::after” in HTML Source?

Tabb: Cause the first boxes text is not starting from 10px from space

Veneman: Jordy: pseudo-elements. they’re not html

Asen: Jordy: come again?

Veneman: That’s not in the source, that’s in the DOM. ish.

Veneman: Yes. you create them with a CSS selector

Korewdit: And last one has no space of 10px on right side

Carreon: Jordy, CSS ‘::before’ pseudo-element:

Matuszeski: Jordy: is generated text, yes, as Veneman said, is not in the html markup itself, just like say. an li element’s bullet, isn’t either, the bullet is just generated

Cake: Is there a way to set the background image to align towards the bottom if background-size: 100% auto; wouldn’t cover the whole vertical length?

Veneman: Background-position i suspect

Bittman: Merkazu_: how about just using background-size: cover? :

Sienkiewicz: Hmm, looks like you’d have to use vendor prefixes for browser consistency

Vonderahe: Other problem is IE7+ support

Heston: Nobody cares about anything lower than ie9 these days

Nary: Who cares about a IE7 user

Pugh: They wouldnt help you with nothing really

Lajara: If your not selling coffin

Harloff: Merkazu_: is your boss a front end developer?

Flintroy: Merkazu_: yes, put him the phone, we’ll settle that one now. “look jack! .”

Kennemuth: Mouthpiece for the business unit

Lagrimas: So, as the developer, its your job to educate him

Hayword: On how catering to the older browser is 1 costing him more 2 not giving him any returns 3 providing a ****tier experience for modern browsers

Vigne: Merkazu_: so. are you guys expecting winXP users running IE8?

Brandwein: On the basis that ie8 and lower, combined, accounts for ~2.32% of browsers used

Mcguffin: Plenty of folks in the 50-70 range as part of the audience 😡

Esguerra: Thats all ie versions from 1-8 combined, 2.32% of the browsing public

Kuca: It doesnt matter, they still get automatic updates

Depaula: Even old people get auto updated

Vorhees: I agree with the need to drop them

Toussaint: Merkazu_: you mean, your target market is 50%-70% using IE8?

Knezevich: Id’ be surprised if it was even 10% of ie8 or lower users

Hennigh: Merkazu_: do you have browser stats for the site?

Kaelin: Still in the planning stages

Zurita: I do plan on adding in metrics/****ytics for the site especially for new feature development

Maxin: This company is -fairly- behind on the times

Dieudonne: Merkazu_: unless they’re running winXP, which some may well be, I don’t see case for IE8 though, their age doesn’t mean that much per se, since most JoeSixpacks users simply run whatever, if it has an icon on the desktop, and if their machine came with win7 or vista, they’d have IE10 or 11