Merkazu, if you want to.

Stalder: Hey guys can anyone tell me why this works in chrome and not in firefox? Firefox needs the attributes, it doesn’t use the css styling. ideas on how to override this?

Salyers: Hi guys, how do i switch to MD grid layout instead of LG in bootstrap 3 on 1600px

Shalam: Hi guys just wanna share with you my framework based in atomic design and s***

Govindeisami: Https://

Valotta: And thanks for your time

Demirchyan: Hi all. What are the latest findings in hiding text using CSS? I use text-indent: -9999 or somthing currently, but look forward to see more elegant solutions

Cambric: Knipper: you’ll find plenty of accessible thingies and techniques all over the place

Passi: But text-indent is fine

Gorter: Will .col-xs-6 be overridden by body .col-xs-6?

Lokey: Because the latter is more specific?

Dorcas: Swander: ah, ok then. Was prepared to hear something like “oh man, you’re using ancient crap!”

Grotts: Jeffreylevesque_: yes, but “more specific” isn’t the term

Tunks: Knipper: everything in ancient on the web

Pizer: Also, is !important called a selector

Mosko: Pizer: it will increase the priority

Dycus: Pizer: nope. It’s called a “never ever in any code ever”

Ladas: It’s a property I guess

Wankum: Hi, how can I center one item, and put another item at the bottom, using flexbox?

Korbel: Xqo: by using multiple flexbox

Thran: TBH you don’t even need flexbox

Dimarco: I just dont want to use position: absolute

Turri: Sticking item2 at the bottom without it is hard

Warntz: You don’t need position absolute

Toups: Xqo: I’d do display: table-cell for the upper part

Aguire: Or any vertical allign technique

Carrier: And plain horizontal centering for the bottom element

Determan: Swander

Erbst: If i use ~ in a selector, does it descend into the childrens as well? or is it only on the same level as long as it comes after the initial element?

Knuth: That background image does not have to be 800k

Zeyer: Ok fixed. now how about that alignment?

Mckercher: Okay, since .hiddenCheckbox:checked ~ .row:nth-child2n does descend into the children divs, how would i specify it to only apply on .rows on the same level in the dom?

Corona: I am looking for a way to have a responsive image inside of another image.

Corona: Basically it’s an iphone and I have different screenshots that i need to fit on top

Corona: And it has to be responsive. static version works but I can’t figure out a way to automatically resize the screenshots

Calvillo: Corona: I would check out Calc for something like that

Lodrigue: Object-fit will do this, but not implemented yet in webkit.

Lodrigue: Merkazu, ” since .hiddenCheckbox:checked ~ .row:nth-child2n does descend into the children divs” — its not true, ~ selector works on sibling elements, not the children.

Beakley: That’s odd, because when i tried it, it appeared to descend into the children

Lenharr: Well, i’m rearranging the containers anyway so it’s a bit moot

Schappert: Hey all, does anyone have thoughts on best practices for creating a grey background for the caret here a grey square to create contrast, full height? First thought is a wrapper div, but curious if that’s the cleanest way

Lodrigue: Merkazu,

Argiro: Merkazu ah the joy of not supporting ie8

Courrege: Yeah, got it across to the boss about ie8

Lodrigue: Merkazu, if you want to wrap it: