Mark_2: what makes you keep.

Cushman: Inherit: off the top of my head set relative position and z-index: 1; on your anchor psuedo element and get back to me if it doesn’t work

Kociolek: Mark_2:

Amadon: Tinytoast not working

Sous: Tinytoast not working

Dutka: Inherit: ah you weren’t talking about a z-index issue

Odess: Tinytoast no it’s not an z-index issue, it’s a display issue i guess. tryed all the display properties and none work

Fravel: Inherit: gotcha let’s see

Froeliger: Tinytoast I can workaround this by hardcode the icon in every table header and footer but will painful as I have more than 100 tables.

Galloway: Inherit: actually i just looked at this code and it’s pretty *****y

Guevara: Inherit: right well there’s one way you can start to sort it

Golba: Inherit: okay i see what you can do is this. it involves you setting position relative on the anchor then setting absolute on the psuedo element & right: 0;

Glazer: Or even negative numbers will work with right:

Carranco: Tinytoast I see I will try it thank you so much for your help

Whitted: How do i get this slider skin css on this page. it appears when you click on the cog button on the rightside, and then click ‘boxed’ buton

Gambone: What are good fonts for website menu? do you guys have list of fonts for designing?

Facio: Tinytoast it work’s 😀 I just have a little extra problem when I shrink the table the icon gets over the right border right-margin or padding won’t work any ideia?

Stjean: Good fonts for menu are the ones that contain all signs used in the particular language

Guell: Mark_2: that’s a ##design question

Verity: Hi, has anyone else experienced pixelated custom cursor images on mac browsers?

Ahrns: I use Lato and Poppins but i wonder if there is any particular font that’s famouse among designers or something

Bicknase: Hey, can anyone help me figure out why the sprite for #actionbar .share .icon and #actionbar .library .icon aren’t working but #actionbar .action_item .icon is? ~

Beagle: Mark_2, there’s google’s roboto

Soluri: Famous? do you really want to use font everyone uses?

Bramwell: If yes, stay with Lato

Beagle: I recommend comic sans

Clakley: Inherit: add padding on the right side of the element

Freehan: Mark_2: funny you should ask about designers in #css when you can ask ##design. what gives?

Carriveau: Hmm. i just don’t know which one is suitable for web reability but okay

Bobseine: Idk, css channel just seemed like an appropriate place to ask

Beagle: Mark_2, lato and roboto are good; it doesn’t much matter which you pick

Beagle: Haven’t heard of poppins

Dattilio: Http://

Haacke: Siurek a friend told me you might be able to help

Bemis: Mark_2: and you have been pointed to #design repeatedly over the last several days to ##design for all of your design questions?

Alavi: First of all, i have not been here to ask that numerous questions of mine.

Stice: And second of all, no i haven’t got the slightest sense that i was in the wrong place by anyone

Durisseau: So excuse me for asking you a question.

Soverns: Mark_2: i’ve personally suggested it several times now

Turro: But i wonder what makes it so uncomfortable for anyone from just reading a question off of discussion channel

Beagle: Dannymichel, can you reduct it to a jsfiddle?

Macguire: Its just hard for me to understand you.

Mouritsen: Mark_2: what makes you keep trying to derail the point that’s been made quite clear? :