Mark_2: if you want design.

Malaterre: You have some small divs on the page

Bina: Would you prefer to border each div?

Kawell: What was again that method to scale a img tag into a warpper div

Yvon: I’m wondering if I can get some key words to search on for learning. I understand IDs are singular and cl***es are plural, but I learned yesterday that I may have a lot to learn.

Mayon: I have a transparent div overlaying my page, and when a user scrolls, it scrolls the content underneath the div instead of the div itself. How can I make the overlaying div scroll instead?

Siciliano: Blimpse I don’t know about css being able to handle this by itself, but if you want you can use JS to add overflow:hidden to the body when your overlay is showing. Then make the overlay fixed position and overflow scroll. Make sure it fills the whole viewport though.

Siciliano: Blimpse ok here’s some actual code for you to see, as well as some workaround for iOS limitations on this

Takenaka: Can anyone help me with css trick?

Siciliano: Mark_2 you have a much better chance at getting help if you actually ask your question. :

Vanderkooi: Well, im trying to mimic the “le blog” title on this page

Shadd: And im having trouble with it as you can see here:

Siciliano: Mark_2 the only difference I see if you’re not using the same font, which is Lato

Schwiesow: No, the diffierence is that there are two lienes surrounding my title

Kokenge: Whilst there is only one in the original one.

Milward: It needs to be before and after the title

Mccullen: Http:// suggestions how i can get the orange box as in the right side of the image?

Siciliano: Mark_2 you need position: absolute

Igler: For your. attention and interest

Siciliano: Also width at 275% is probably a typo, maybe you mean 275px

Siciliano: Marduk1984 you want the instructions in photoshop or gimp?

Hanger: Siciliano just a css hint on how i can do this

Siciliano: Hmm. well . this has a bunch of options. And that’s not an exhaustive list either. It all depends on your particular case.

Siciliano: Maybe share a link to your code or make a jsfiddle?

Bramsen: Siciliano: are you a web designer?

Hirschfeld: My website looks uglier than this one

Spade: And here is my website :

Capo: Can you figure out what causes this?

Titone: Or am i the only one who’s sensitive?

Pevez: It’s mainly the menu bar that distracts me

Mckeen: And makes the whole site ugly

Batcher: But i don’t know what causes the feeling

Siciliano: What you’re talking about is called subjectivity. Very seldom do two people feel the same about a particular design or color.

Siciliano: But since you think that first one looks nice, it is available for sale it looks. It’s just a theme for wordpress. Which is different than what you use, but a CMS nonetheless.

Hitzeman: Since im on the css channel, i got one more question for you

Blash: Siciliano

Lundsten: How can i adjust the ‘home today’ layer .navigation div to be right below the exidition title? right now it’s somewhere in the middle

Sundermeyer: Http://

Nesbeth: Regardless of the screen resolution of visitors?

Vining: Https:// how can i get the orange button to have its “own row”? just like in this image:

Shybut: Mark_2: if you want design advice ask in ##design