Margins will extend outside.

Swearegene: On either side of the image is what I am trying to find in his m***ive css file.

Ehler: Some one can tell me ****og in css selector .a/text ?

Swearegene: Lodrigue, I think I could use your help with this ;P

Lodrigue: Swearegene, I’m busy right now, just woke up, and needs to do some important works. Maybe later :

Henagan: Odigem: What does that do? XPath?

Giese: A { color: red; } would color all the text of the as on the page “red”

Niedbalec: Css selector div a return me html of a

Kreitzer: Return? Are you going CSS?

Grodecki: Try

Gess: And what do you need?

Isidoro: Typhoon Haiyan without a href=”/wiki/Typhoon_Haiyan” title=”Typhoon Haiyan”

Cockriel: You want what’s in the title?

Rary: Could you please elaborate?

July: With CSS, you can only select nodes.

Scialpi: A href=”asdasdasdiasuhdias”I WANT ONLY THIS$/a

Wolfman: Then you would need to select all the a the way you’re doing it right now. then iterate on the result and get their text

Stimpson: Yes, XPaths are more powerful than CSS at selecting stuff

Meaders: I need a little help with a peculiar issue I’m having with an ::after pseudoelement

Lewinski: Http:// sorry, host is some bad free webhost I’m using temporarily. The ::after elements in the navitems aren’t showing up, they were a few minutes ago. I’ve double triple checked everything and IDK why they’re invisible

Reper: Scihoi: You added overflow: hidden to the button and the ::after content is outside of the button container.

Rauser: Hello everyone i have a question, how can i make it when i click on this PDF PICTURE that it loads the pdf to the RIGHT Of the website, here is a skecht

Veneman: Logical_: you can’t. pdfs aren’t websites. you can try iframes, but it likely won’t work

Guger: So i ill have to make it new tab then

Veneman: If the browser doesn’t open an external program. pdfs aren’t websites

Callsen: Well at least the idea was nice ๐Ÿ˜›

Wenskoski: Ty for help preaction

Matthews: Gods damned . how do I turn the angle on the header off?***/

Brzuchalski: Kristian_on_linu: .container::after

Bisset: Thanks, Brzuchalski . and sorry that I asked this once before.

Eddins: Kristian_on_linu: debugging CSS when itโ€™s minified makes it _much_ more difficult

Yammine: Eddins: indeed. It’s just a theme that I got.

Eddins: You can turn that off in _config.yml

Eddins: Most likely under s***: there will be a ‘style: compressed’ line. Comment that out, then stop and restart Jekyll

Liehr: Yeah, I am aware of that channel

Nonemaker: I uncompressed the css and commented out what seemed relevant . however, now it jumps when you move from “Contact” to one of the other pages, or vice versa.

Eddins: Kristian_on_linu: when you add a border to the active nav item, it makes the header taller, from what i can see

Redus: But the contact page should be the same as the others?

Lovecchio: Http://

Iacuzio: This is the uncompressed css

Eddins: But the contact page has not heading at the top, which has a margin-top, which is pushing the page down

Eddins: You can inspect the heading on the about page, and remove the margin-top, to see the white box moves up a little

Kizziar: I found a superfluous } which I removed

Burdess: You were perfectly right, Eddins . but strange that a header can spill into another element like that, if that wording makes sense

Eddins: Margins will extend outside of their parent, unless certain conditions are met