Manrig: no dude, I meant.

Steczo: Like a VM but lightweight

Steczo: Suited for applications and testing stuff quickly

Steczo: Like lxc – but with more features on apps

Weidenheimer: So, this leads me to wonder.

Maceachern: Lice lxc, but with more chance for being crappy

Zane: Docker’s a way to turn containers into selling widgets

Steczo: Well, you _could_ use a ***rant box, too – but then you have to install the phantomjs and evervything by hand – or by learning ansible/puppet as provisioner

Lavadie: If this is likely from dependencies in my OS X. And the server is ubuntu, then I’ll potentially be okay?

Casola: Gonna make some people some money, crap otherwise

Steczo: Motoservo: yes, but I would try to replicate dev environment as closely to production as possible

Steczo: Reisio: right, I also think it is overused – now it is also used as an ad-hoc build tool

Steczo: Git clone; make thing

Steczo: Nixos is a nice approach – like npm, a bit decadent but it works – it nested sub-dependencies

Foard: It’s kind of a mess upstream. I tried upgrading phantom to 2.0 locally and it broke. I’m sure we could fix it but our backend guy didn’t seem too interested. Too much on his plate. Pretty much just said we’re staying at 1.9 then.

Steczo: Motoservo: use docker or a ***rant box :

Steczo: Isolate the issue from your OS

Steczo: Then you know it – also you can continue using it to replicate your server environment

Kueter: Remind me why we’re talking about virtualization?

Steczo: He uses a current release of phantomjs that is known to have that particular issue fixed – but the issue is still there

Ryland: Phantomjs is real popular with people who need discussion help lately :p

Steczo: Using virt he would be able to rule out faulty external dependencies like libraries :

Steczo: Hehe, I got my share of pain with phantomjs

Steczo: Especially that it isn’t just nodejs but an external binary – that has to be interfaced to

Murgia: Appreciate the tips, Steczo.

Duh: So glad it wasn’t my styles. I was baffled.

Steczo: And phantomjs got no inspect element button or a browser inspector at least not one I know of

Brummett: Hi, why is em the preffered unit in css, why would it produce scalable layouts, since it all depends on the font size of the current div. Why would the font size of the current div change on smaller screen sizes?

Coven: I have 2 elements in a container, and i want the 2nd element’s line-height to be the width of the 1st element

Dravland: Petisnnak: who says it is

Stehly: Is there any way i can achieve this?

Alderete: Petisnnak: read as: it isn’t

Vitale: Ah my missunderstanding then, thanks

Almaras: A loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo.

Ferster: Using em avoided a particular IE problem

Brunzel: A loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo.

Tailor: Nowdays it’s just another measurement

Poisel: Has its pros & cons like the rest

Jenck: Bprompt: i just decided to manually specify the line-height

Dobb: Basically i’ve got a button with an icon and some text, and the icon has a varying size

Striplin: Text needs to be vertically centered

Jaques: Hi guys, anyone able to help me with tables in bootstrap? I have a button inside td and its hover style moves the tables around, need help to control it

Tufo: Nvm guys i figured it out

Callado: Col-xs-2 on the td cl*** fixed it

Talmadge: Then a col-xs-12 on the button

Castellaneta: Oh we got a bootstrap channel

Sinatra: Manrig: no dude, I meant that to be mean!