Looks bit less bloaty, has.

Darland: Now, within that max-width=”” attribute, they could be doing anything

Lucus: Like max-width=”400px-800px”

Cunio: I have no idea without looking at the html

Derwitsch: Oh, I see. for a moment I though it was selecting the CSS 😛

Gavaldon: Hey im trying to make the first imagecontainer transparent http://bit.ly/1VaSGeP

Senich: Y2j what is the first imagecontainer ?

Finkbeiner: I want it like the one below it but the one below it has the similar background

Bainum: I rather have it transparent incase in the future i want to update the background

Urzua: Y2j you only have to make the png transparent

Lofte: The png of the icon is transparent

Noriega: So what saying is upload a tranparent png with no image

Zier: Y2j oh, got it! let me check then, you want the black to be transparent then

Collura: Ill change the icon to black later

Bernabei: Y2j weird, where is that black on the background comming from?

Raderstorf: Can’t nail it with the inspector

Cerutti: What are the best sources to keep up with the latest front-end dev trends?

Francolino: This is more or less a general inquiry but I think I might get a biased answer if I go to ##bootstrap. Is Bootstrap really worth the trouble for a project that will need to be maintained for at least 3-4 years?

Guzzio: Or any CSS framework for that matter.

Damiano: What did you use to find it

Rexroad: Y2j I used ctrl-shift-i from firefox inspector

Spingler: Y2j I go to the affected object and temporaly set the width/height to something smaller than 100% and a bright border, to see if it’s this element providing the dark bg.

Zinzow: Y2j and repeat that operation to each element in the parent

Darrisaw: Err, to the parent, and its parent, and so on

Fitts: Scot, just trying to stay away from the typical flaming that why do you think im male bs

Hardacre: Holodoc do you plan to customize the look? or use it as is?

Walde: Holodoc I dropped bootstrap when I noticed I could do my site faster from scratch than learning a huge ammount of css code in order to customize it

Villescas: Scot, It’s a redesign of an already existing project but the code base is completely new. I am not restricted by which tools I use for the new peoject.

Nethercutt: I’ve been doing all my code from scratch till now however I’ve noticed a slight problem with maintainability so that’s why I consider Boostrap.

Weirather: Holodoc for me it was easier to do the navigation bar from scratch, than figuring out the bootstrap’s one

Holshue: Truth is I am afraid of the bloat and dependencies on the support.

Mcguyer: Holodoc I dont think bootstrap is easy to upgrade

Gaber: I wish bootstrap never existed

Pilakowski: Some experience I have with it showed me it really can become bloated. A huge amount of wrapper containers etc.

Giarrusso: It’s terribe, honestly

Willie: Exatcly, too many elements that you might not need

Zellefrow: Its not bad for making an army of identical sites based on the default theme

Stokey: I also know it has issues with backward compatibility because every major version made huge changes.

Welliver: Looking at Bootstrap 4 alpha seems like nothign changed.

Elumbaugh: You can get around that pretty easily, but if you have designed your site, and want bootsrap to look exactly like it. you’ll do it faster from scratch

Naumann: The thing I do like though isexcellent cross-device compatibility.

Davydov: Choose not frameworks

Keihl: But I am asking myself, is it worth the trouble just for that?

Blafield: Another pick I am lookign at is ZURB.

Moura: Looks bit less bloaty, has really nice grid support, but obviously not that much love from the community.