Lodrigue, can you elaborate.

Sensel: If you have an external svg file, I don’t think there is any way to style that with css

Tigar: So then I have to do all the styling inside the SVG

Ullman: Guess it’s better to inline then.

Northcote: I have the afternoon free to do drupal 8 stuff. Anyone need a code review?

Vawter: Hi, I press F8 in Chrome to freeze my webpage, I then want to edit in the elements some input fields in order to take a screenshot, but the fields are encapsulated by shadow-root tag so whenver I try to edit they changes just reverts. Any idea?

Cihon: For some reason it doesnt allow me to edit the text in that input

Byan: E3454346456: try #chrome

Gatti: Is there a way to create an invisible input so my mock component can get focus using the tab key?

Calvillo: Gatti: input{visibility:hidden;}

Calvillo: Input.cl***{visibility:hidden;} or maybe display:none; not sure if display:none; form elements get considered

Calvillo: Input.cl***{opacity:0;}

Calvillo: Or just create an anchor, and link to that anchor in your component via a “tab” key reference in JS

Yeley: Hello, web dev here, i’m stuck. i’m trying to align an img with it’s “grandparent” the edge of the ol it’s in. i tried doing this by setting the grandparent ol to position:relative and the grandchild img to position:absolute. this did work in aligning the img with the ol edge, but now the next li below the img is hidden behind the img. any advice?

Gatti: Calvillo: hmm, yea I tried width 0 height 0, chrome was too smart and stopped allowing me to tab to it πŸ˜€

Calvillo: Bunniez: Make a fiddle

Calvillo: Gatti: Opacity will probs work

Gatti: Opacity does work! thanks!

Wallo: Calvillo: make a fiddle. to play my heartache away?

Calvillo: Bunniez: Yes, but also, jsfiddle.net

Calvillo: Bunniez: It will allow us to help you easier

Ottey: Oh interesting. thanks for sharing. i will try.

Boocock: What a sweet tool. here is my fiddle: http://jsfiddle.net/#&togetherjs=Cg3A2Qc47v

Reedus: So in the fiddle, you can see that the image is aligned all the way to the left, but it is blocking “step b” that is, the li that follows it

Funn: How can I create a border that fits a list snugly? ie it spans only as long as the longest word?

Stratford: Text-decoration: underline;

Heckle: Modepagespeed is breaking my website and CSS, and I don’t see why. http://scottlandtire.ca/

Lodrigue: Bunniez, I’ve modified the html structure a little, but now works.

Pape: Bosnian: I want a border, not everything underlined

Hendrix: Lodrigue, were you gregarious Tardie? i appreciate your help, but did you see the chat message in the fiddle?

Lodrigue: Bunniez, yeah I’ve read your messages there :

Rafaniello: Lodrigue, ah hmm over here it looks like the image is floating to the left of step a, and also is not aligned with the grandpa ol. :-

Ervay: Nchambers, how bout this: ul {

Naufzinger: Display: inline-block;

Blegen: List-style-type: none;

Rodriguez: Bunniez: that was actually what I found. works great. thanks πŸ˜€

Lodrigue: Bunniez how about list-style-image?

Tempesta: Lodrigue, hmm is that what makes the image act like a bullet to the list? my bad, let me try to be more specific

Kleier: The image must appear only once, vertically after step a, vertically before step b, horizontally aligned all the way to the left to meet the edge of the first ol

Lodrigue: Bunniez, actually my problem is, you cannot put an image as direct child of ol, it’s invalid

Lodrigue: Bunniez, this is the reason why i’m trying to put the image inside to some li-s.

Graleski: Lodrigue, you’re right you fixed my problem! *smooch*

Lundvall: Lodrigue, can you elaborate on what you meant by an img being a direct child of ol is invalid?