Like jumping 360’s on the.

Kisor: Nvermind. the problem isn’t with the media query

Beuther: It was with a rogue css rule!

Brotman: And unruly and rambunctious rule!

Straiton: Should I hyphenate or camelcase my cl***es?

Kondratowicz: Absolute0: sounds relative to me, is up to you, which would you prefer?

Iredale: If you’re a FED, you know you have few choice

Iredale: You write CSS, not JS or idontknowlevelbaselanguage

Iredale: But, we’re not talking monkeys

Azbell: Im totally a talking monkey

Notch: And, apparently, a typing monkey

Hutchkiss: If i have two divs that are display:inline-block how would i make the 2nd div fill the rest of the parent

Auyon: Note: first div have a fixed width

Craddock: Width: calc100% – fixedwidth;

Margreiter: Width: calc100%-200px;

Hibert: Like, will you get arrested ?

Toure: People have been arrested for less in your country


Lachut: Inspector is saying its not correctly written

Krill: Because youre missing a space.

Sacayanan: Lukia: what are you talking about?

Kuczynski: What’s up with Lukia?

Kurelko: I dont know, i think he’s having a breakdown or something

Motz: If the first div is 200px, it should be 100% – 201px to fit on the “same line” right

Milbauer: It wants it at 100%-204px

Hasbni: Must be margin somewhere

Iredale: I talkin’ about you and many who want help here in your case at this moment drej doing a great job but, some of you doesn’t understand that simple rule : CSS does’nt understand what it doesn’t know

Iredale: CSS4 is coming, let’s wait

Khensovan: Plamb: there’s a space between inline-block elements

Wintersteen: Drej, Cross-browser inline-block:

Vansteenburg: Is it 3-4px or something

Workowski: Its not pixel based, its font size based

Nissalke: So it’ll vary, dont rely on pixels

Moriarty: You can either remove the whitespace between the elements in your html

Dresel: Or set font-size: 0; to the parent, then font-size: 1rem; in the children

Paulsell: Drej, Remove spaces from inline and inline-block elements:

Gueningsman: Lukia: do you have something constructive to contribute?

Iredale: Just point pixel don’t exists anymore, and you and me are going to disapear because our work are ****ed every two week

Piazza: Like p:not:first-of-type:not:last-of-type

Prybylski: Don’t ask questions you can answer on your own in less time

Heist: Also, don’t ask questions you can answer on your own


Kitzmiller: Since nobody answered you, and it’s been more than a minute

Husni: Well drej is intentionally not answering me

Rustad: Because i havent talked to him in a long time

Heidemann: I think he’s intentially not answering you because I already happened to give the ultimate answer to you

Curbow: And it’d be a waste of his time to say more

Schnyer: We’ll Have To Decide This In A Court Of Law

Meckel: I like where this is headed

Hipple: Plamb: i could also be making dinner

Iredale: I would like to see this film

Bushey: Plamb: i did a “cross fit” session on the elliptical today, and i thought of you

Petriello: Like jumping 360’s on the elliptical