Kocho: absolute positioning.

Philabaum: Remove padding from what?

Karnas: Everything below the carousel.

Boughamer: I have .container { padding: 80px 120px; }

Sweely: The only way i can seem to get rid of it is by removing that line, but i want the padding there when viewed on a larger screen.

Lokke: This way, it’ll only apply if the visitors’ viewport width is the minimum specified

Shogren: Thanks. let me see if i can figure this out.

Thelen: Brandin: https://jsfiddle.net/60np2b1g/ like this

Crumpacker: Puthoff: change your nick

Crumpacker: You should know this by now

Grawburg: I just started thinking it was probably something like that, since the only way i could get any change was by messing with that .container entry.

Wildauer: Just out of curiousity, there’s still some padding there. i’m guessing the browser is doing it by default?

Sieberg: What if i wanted to try removing that to see what it looks like?

Luzinski: I think the .container bootstrap cl*** has padding by default, I believe

Yarborough: I can see in the bootstrap.min.css file that .container{} has padding left and right of 15 pixels

Hiner: You would also see this by inspecting the .container element in your browser’s developer tools.

Ditomasso: You should override the default padding in your own stylesheet.

Milin: Sorry. i’m new to css.

Simpton: And i’m def no expert in html either.

Devos: Wigren, Resources to help you get started: http://hashcss.com/schools/

Isabell: Well, by overriding, I mean, explicitly adding “padding-left: 0; padding-right: 0” in your own stylesheet; thereby overriding what the bootstrap.min.css stylesheet has set

Hornick: Brandin: https://jsfiddle.net/60np2b1g/1/

Leggat: Thanks. got it i think

Gundersen: I would recommend you do more research and learn more about CSS, as it will help you to understand how to fix these kinds of issues yourself.

Taube: Yes you can do that as well, although the media query is not necessary, as the media query that you added earlier would override the padding-left: 0; padding-right: 0

Yepsen: Since it specifies the same selector .container and is further down in your stylesheet

Illian: Well if i remove the media query, it applies 0 padding regardless

Fiscal: After all, you have two style rules that set padding; the browser needs to know which one to apply.

Hemans: However you do need to learn more about CSS and start small before you get this deep into it

Schute: Ok i think i got it now

Wyzard: Without the media query. just had to put it in the correct place.

Zwiebel: Yeah. i did HTML like this back in the 90’s and never learned it very well.

Nistendirk: Anybody know how to create that bar thingy with the title in it? http://theme.co/x/demo/integrity/1/blog/

Napolitano: I would just dive into stuff and figure it out as i went along, and never learned it that well as a result.

Schaul: Brandin: https://jsfiddle.net/60np2b1g/2/ so here are two style rules. the browser needs to know which one to apply. if there is a conflict as to which style rule the browser needs to apply, in this very simple case, it’s the style rule mentioned last that takes priority

Yessios: However as you learn more about CSS, you will find that this is not always the case, because as well as “order”, the browser also takes into consideration the specificity of selectors e.g. .container

Karlovich: But that’s something you’ll no doubt learn as your CSS knowledge improves

Lavette: Its all very simple, it just takes time to learn

Guilbe: Hey guys, I’d like to align these “Find Out More” buttons to the bottom of their parents, any ideas how I can do it? http://dev.trubilt.com.au/frame-strengths-features/

Wigren: Kocho: absolute positioning is one possibility