Kennie, since im using it.

Scarpato: Sisccl: why would you want to do that?

Grumet: Sisccl: i don’t see a problem with that

Niedzwiecki: There’s a lot of content in my WordPress theme I can’t directly remove so I’m doing it through CSS

Reibman: No_gravity: No hits to performance then?

Kjeldgaard: Scarpato: how can i leave a responsive space between these 2 elements then? a responsive space meaning that if #a grows in size the #b will still have the same distance from the #a

Scarpato: Sisccl: that might cause a lot of repainting

Perlow: Scarpato: What is repainting?

Scarpato: WordPress is designed so you can remove anything

Abela: Sisccl: i would not expect it to negatively affect performance.

Scarpato: Sisccl: the browser has to realign all the elements that were affected by the display: none and redraw them on the screen

Virock: Scarpato: It’s several elements on differnet pages, all the elements arent on just 1 page

Manous: Still the same problem?

Scarpato: Hazinski: not sure if thats possible with absolute positioning. it kind of defeats the purpose

Defenderfer: Well i really need a hack-around

Scarpato: Sisccl: depends on how big the elements are, could always test it and see

Scarpato: Hazinski: the hack around would be not using absolute positioning :p

Guidera: Scarpato: I have tested it and personally, just personally I see no issues. I just wanted to double check if Google hates it or if it causes known problems or if there was a better way to do it or anything

Spartin: But that totally destroys my element _

Demartino: Scarpato: Thanks mate

Scarpato: Sisccl: well, google will still see the content

Leppla: Scarpato: I did a fetch and didn’t see the content lol? Really?

Cannizzo: Is there a way to turn css :before content into a link?

Scarpato: Sisccl: yea, google primarily goes by markup, not css styling

Leatherwood: In this case a before background image

Scarpato: Chars6: if the element you have the ::before on is an a, it should be part of the link. otherwise no

Lenoch: Scarpato: yeah, it’s just a span.

Imgrund: Scarpato: the span contains an a tho

Scarpato: Well, my previous statement still stands :

Daubendiek: Orfeo, a little bit of hacky but works

Uyemura: Hi there, im trying to load few images into a table with equality divided column. all is well on desktop, but on my mobile, i can see the picture being squshed in width.

Puett: Though i have width set to 100%

Vecino: However, setting a fixed width causes the pictures to break from the main layout on mobile

Mehta: Does anyone know how to implement the pop-in effect from the dropdown menu in the navbar on this page:

Theard: DeweyD that menu sliding thing?

Harries: No, the dropdown menu with the globe glyphicon

Perham: From poking around in the inspector, I see that it uses transform: scale1, but when I try to add that to my site, I’m not getting any effect from it

Busa: Also, it uses transform-origin: 29px -50px;

Kahawai: But when I try to target the same elements on my page, it’s not working and I can’t seem to figure out why

Soucie: DeweyD for transitions to work you also have to set the transition properties

Khilling: Sorry, I’m fairly new to CSS animations, could you elaborate a little?

Dupras: DeweyD for a transition to work you need to specify transition: transform 1s or something similar

Kennie: Makalak: are you sure that table is the correct HTML to use to display images?

Oharroll: Kennie, since im using it to set rows and column. yes?