Kennie, hehe it’s more css.

Haymon: And I wanted to know if there’s a way to make the table columns responsive?

Yaws: I want the mail to show two columns of content in a webbrowser and only one in cellphones

Andrulis: Damicore here’s an example, maybe it helps

Villela: The problem is this is for email

Javor: So it should really be with tables

Redal: Swapped to lists. but their is something funky going on

Mcgohan: Any reason :before { content:”2022″; } doesn’t yield a bullet, but rather the actual 2022 text?

Scarpato: I think you have to remove the quotes

Scarpato: Or do a html escape instead

Ramberg: Hey, is there someone who can remember or how to create a ‘ paralax ‘ scroll effect but more like ‘scrolling in blocks’ trough a website?

Ramberg: It gives the user an other feeling.

Sulek: Is it possible to select .someCl***::after::hover ?

Scarpato: Sure, if you do :hover::after

Mcgohan: Scarpato, actually the css was being generated by php and adding extra slashes

Shumski: Seems not to be working on my browsers

Scarpato: Damicore: try just max-width

Luiso: It’s not working anyways emerson

Scarpato: Damicore: do you have a link to a testcase or live site?

Mccloskey: Http://

Stephensen: Would it work on codepen?

Scarpato: Yep, that works for me

Northey: Scarpato, does it become one column only for you?

Scarpato: No, but thats not what the media query is telling the content to do

Scarpato: Its only saying to make the width 320px, which it does

Scarpato: If you want the content to collapse to one column, a table is the wrong thing to use

Riebe: But I have to work with tables

Mcelreath: I’m designing a newsletter email

Scarpato: Well, a table by definition can’t have columns collapsing

Scarpato: Then they wouldn’t be columns, theyd be rows

Aerni: When using css transitions, do I need to specify browser specific rules? like -o- -web-kit etc?

Lanes: I don’t support anything IE 8

Huels: IE8 doesn’t support anything.

Rocamora: Then its the perfect relationship :

Huels: ISmithers: is your best friend

Ingles: Yeah I checked already.

Prokop: Oh, that’s what I meant to say.

Kennie: ISmithers: one good tip is to build a tool called autoprefixer into your workflow, tell it the browsers you want to cater for, and let it handle the work

Kennie: Because remembering that stuff is a waste of brain capacity

Saldivar: Yeah I’m wondering if its still needed. I believe Chrome didn’t support transitions until they moved to some new rendering engine, and now they do, but examples on MDN etc still show using -web-kit prefix etc.

Rivera: Yeah I know what you mean oksushi

Bohanan: Hi folks, I got a strange behaviour in safari, input field is overflowed to outside of the parent div in safari mobile

Fontelroy: Sharpshooter, you tested it in desktop browsers with the responsive design view modes and they didn’t do that?

Skilling: It looks like a sort of 100% + padding + default box model problem.

Benavente: Which would affect more than Safari mobile.

Reynaud: AMcBain: Yes I test in browsers and its emulators they don’t have any issues, only found this on iphone safari

Masino: Is anyone here goodd with bootstrap stuff?

Kennie: Eldude: I hear the folk in ##bootstrap are

Holberg: Kennie, hehe it’s more css related so I thought I make a pit stop here first