Keith-man, CSS horizontal.

Pam: That’s a question for ##javascript

Kostick: Is it possible to “adjust” a CSS element up/down/left/right? I have some JS where I “adjust” it by setting the absolute position + and – some pixels, but it feels like it belongs in CSS.

Faylor: Like, if position: absolute; top: 123px; left: 123px;, can I adjustX: 3px; and adjustY: 3px; or something?

Cumings: If you need left: to be 123px – 3px, why not just set it to left: 120px?

Pam: Undrinkablesoup, transform + translate, margin, or of needing to combine different unit types px + em, for example calc.

Fatora: Https://

Paulding: Full of Google spyware and spam.

Siurek: I thought it was gonna be a minimal version without any of the Google branding of privacy-invasive features?

Brailsford: I need a Chromium thing to check my pages in.

Kossow: Firefox + Edge + Chromium.

Metellus: But this Chromium is unusable.

Daghita: Is there some sort of project that allows me to check all major browsers in one go, privately?

Veneman: Not in any useful way

Brzuchalski: If youre just checking your websites, why do you care about privacy of the browser?

Rattray: I don’t even know how to answer that.

Brzuchalski: If you don’t want to use a browser, then don’t use it

Veneman: Put it in a VM, shut down all its networking

Brzuchalski: Wrap your computer in a thick layer of tinfoil

Pam: Just not around the WiFi antenna. Tinfoil has been shown to possibly increase the reception of frequencies owned by the government. ;

Veneman: My bedroom is a faraday cage. i don’t want nobody seeing what i do in there. for some reason, i don’t get good wifi though.

Pam: In other news, my pastebin now supports LESS. : Just add /*LESS*/ as the first thing in the styles tab no spaces before, etc.

Pam: So at least an alternative to now if it’s too slow for you. :

Lominack: Yeah, there aren’t enough pastebins.

Tashman: How can I make a particular cl*** only work on a particular part of the site like only on .com/this

Anastasiades: I’m looking to create a input range slider that steps from xs, s, m, l, etc

Eddins: Tashman: you can add a cl*** to the body of that particular page, and target it with a CSS selector — .special-page .thing {…}

Veneman: Tashman: give a cl*** to the body tag is a common way

Tashman: That is the method i went with. was wondering if there was another way is all. Thanks though!

Veneman: I love getting the right answer with trivia questions

Veneman: Oh, wait, this isn’t Jeopardy! you’re not Alex Trebek!

Tashman: You failed to pose the answer as a question.

Pitpitan: Some I am trying to get somthing very much like this, what’s a good way of going about it

Rolack: Http://

Marceau: I can’t seem to get anything horztonally centered on the same line.

Stoltenberg: I did try using the display: flex, but when I try differnt options is does not do what I want.

Featherston: Keith-man, Always provide a link to a *live* page or pared-down testcase so we can see the problem in action. Looking at code or images alone usually isn’t very effective. Also see paste and testcase.

Brownson: I have nothing online at the moment

Virgel: Veneman, Preferred live pastebins:

Veneman: We can’t help from a picture

Fagerquist: Well what would do in general like what css attributes

Veneman: That depends on what markup you’re using, and what everything else is being done

Veneman: If it’s centering you want

Buren: Keith-man, CSS horizontal centering: