Just figured there was a.

Sermons: Frenchiie, set a margin or something on divb? Relative means to lay out the element as expected for the normal flow reserved space, then paint it at an offset as specified.

Bauguess: So other elements are respecting the reserved location it would have if not offset.

Corrado: I must be missing something *really obvious*. I want to put a semi-transparent overlay over some content, but . it’s just not overlaying. It *displays*, but appears *below* the content it should be covering. using semi-transparent pngs instead of rgba didn’t help either. http://jsfiddle.net/6wt61ge1/

Finnen: Dangrus, you put the items you want covered inside of the element you want to cover them. Thus it’s always going to be underneath, unless you employ some sort of :before or :after on the parent instead.

Russi: Rainier, . oh. that’s odd. but yeah. Of course you’re right.

Curiel: Are there any sites where i can practice html and css development besides codecademy?

Pam: Yeah really. I think my site is on the 4th or 5th iteration. :

Pam: I don’t know if I’m still completely happy, but enough that I’ve stopped messing for now.

Brzuchalski: 5 different revisions, 5 different CMS/generators :p

Pam: No full CMS yet, but I do have a backend of sorts if I want to add new entries. I can’t edit page text that’s not part of an item from there.

Pam: I really should overhaul it so I can.

Veneman: One of these days i should restore my old hard drives. i had so many old sites on those.

Veneman: Use mine! use mine! mine is awesome because i made it!

Pam: I’ve written one, but it was part of another site not intended to exist by itself. I can pull the code to use it if I wanted but otherwise meh.

Kazunas: How do i get an absolutely positioned ::before pseudo element to be behind the real content of the element?

Bedney: Http://codepen.io/anon/pen/BojNdG

Mouzon: Nevermind, z-index:-1 worked

Stjohns: With css when this loads I want the green bar to animate from no width to whatever width is defined for it . can scale be used for that? – http://codepen.io/anon/pen/meVJpK

Pam: Logikos, yes but that’d be annoying to do. Why not just change the width?

Pam: As in animate the width.

Nebred: Pam: because i have many bars of different widths that i want to animate at the same time and to animate the width I need a different keyframe for each width variant

Pavelka: Also animating width is harder on the browser or so i was told

Guse: Do to repaint or whatever

Pam: No you don’t. If it’s going from 0 to 100% just animate from 0 to 100%, you don’t need separate keyframes for each width type.

Pam: If you need a different speed so that even if they’re a different length they animate the same then that is controlled at the animation-duration on each element.

Wokwicz: Some bars go from 0% to 90% , some from 0 to 98, some from 0 to 50

Crimi: They are not all the same width

Brigham: I do not need different speed

Pam: Does it go from 0 to 100% of the element, I meant.

Pam: Regardless of how large that element was set to be.

Winemiller: No, it doesnt, i just told you, some go to 90, some blah, some blah

Pam: Then set the value it is going to in JavaScript. Unless you want to write something different for all of them. Then just apply a transition-duration to those which change.

Pam: Scale isn’t going to fix that for you.

Outman: Here is a better example of what I want the final position to look like: http://codepen.io/anon/pen/QjybQX

Darbonne: Basicly i just want all the green bars to fill on load

Taguchi: Cant use javascript because it is a pseudo element

Jahoda: Plus i’d rather not use javascript in this case

Kolkemeyer: If i have to make a seperate keyframe for each width i will

Locante: Just figured there was a better way