Just click red checkbox and.

Rathai: Guys, how do I duplicate a website and edit it’s css in a seperate file? I’m struggling to do it, lol.

Garzia: Don’t rip off someones website

Rathai: Riera: it’s for school, i’m not

Rathai: I’ve got permission also

Stafiej: Rathai, Help vamipres: http://slash7.com/2006/12/22/vampires/

Rathai: Tinystoat / Osaki: what?

Rathai: I don’t want to read about vampires right now

Grev: Rathai: then you’re going to find a lot of people not helping you in here

Delahay: Because you have fulfilled one of the major canons of an discussion help channel vampire

Filion: Hey can I get the SVG here just to occupy the space of its outermost coordinates? http://jsfiddle.net/1r6d4dxc/1/

Lasane: I don’t want the extra gap below

Malzhan: Why does this a span the whole width? I want it to fit to the text length http://jsfiddle.net/0duypa8e/

Rufi: Because thats what block elements do?

Newall: Malzhan: It’s because it has the property “display: blokc”

Goodlet: Remove this line and you’ll get what you are looking for

Malzhan: Derstrom: I want it to be centered though

Reiners: Then put it in a div and set the div to be text-align: center

Engwer: You can then remove “text-align: center” from a { . }

Brent: Text-align: center makes inline elements centred when applied to a parent container

Dimitrov: For making block elements centred, use “margin: auto” but this will only work, of course, if the block element is not spanning the full width of the page

Clougher: Hellyeah: What’s your question?

Sweis: Just click one of checkbox like “red”

Haymaker: And enlarge the div , just click arrow button

Quill: You will see height of both divs pretend like responsive

Ketchem: But i cannot set width of red div how can i do that

Malanaphy: Http://jsfiddle.net/u1pdhk8c/132/

Heird: I don’t understand what you’re trying to ask.

Lauckner: I can see the red div expand when the arrow is clicked.

Teto: Did you check red checkbox? derstrom

Ritz: Hellyeah: yes, I selected the checkbox and then clicked the arrow to see the red container expand to 80%

Schonhardt: So I’m not sure what your problem is :-

Macon: There is just one button there

Brininger: So div should not be expanded that

Malmquist: I try min-width, max-width didnt work

Duzan: Derstrom: you will see height not expand too much

Barcomb: When you click green, height is expanded as much as it is necessary

Dusett: I want to make div like a responsive

Ronde: You didnt understand may be :XD

Wiltshire: If you want to keep the orange container visible, remove .mainterritory .radiobuttondiv{min-width: 100px} and change it to .mainterritory .radiobuttondiv{width:20%}, then set both red and orange containers to use “box-sizing:border-box”

Junker: Derstrom: you got me wrong sorry

Maenpaa: I dont want to expand red div unnecessarily

Kreiser: There is just one button there

Kerin: I dont want to see hat that can be small

Malzhan: Why aren’t these two divs on the same line? http://jsfiddle.net/tf3v835h/

Gorecki: I can’t remember specifically why, but inline-block has a small gap

Stanzak: Https://css-tricks.com/fighting-the-space-between-inline-block-elements/

Denoon: Http://jsfiddle.net/tf3v835h/1/

Gales: Just click red checkbox and click arrow tyo enlarge the div. You will see width is expanded %80 but thats much for a single button how can i make it responsive click green and you will see width is good for that but not for a single button http://jsfiddle.net/u1pdhk8c/132/