Just a straight up table.

Schlaefer: That was before the Great Monitor Consensus, when everyone agreed to buy the exact same 1440×900 monitors

Schlaefer: Now, everyone has only one screen size, so it’s all good! if it weren’t for those damned mobile devices.

Colvert: After that, you just needed to use “this page best viewed in netscape, or IE” for your footer =

Schlaefer: Ahh, right, in the time when IE was the innovative browser. before chrome. before the Empire!

Koeck: Nobody could be that old

Bayard: People at work used to replace one of my two matching monitors with a different one

Zynda: Not that it yielded _them_ two matching monitors

Larkin: Well, to be fair, mobile pages have been around for a while, even before the iPhone, they simply were using at first WML

Burde: First HTML was mobile ready

Schlaefer: I’m being facetious. at no time were designers able to actually ignore viewport size differences :p

Malzahn: We used to just call it doing it right, is all

Groetsch: Don’t make ***umptions

Schlaefer: And the time i was referring to was early oughts

Chmiel: Not really sure giving it the name ‘responsive’ has actually helped people become better at it

Roats: Well, I know it as “graceful degrading”, today it’s just called “responsive design”, but pretty much the same thing

Vidalez: Surely sells libs, though

Schlaefer: Though now that i think about it, i’m not sure we had widescreen monitors back then.

Schlaefer: 1024×768 all the way!

Schlaefer: Sells? people pay money for libraries?

Schuyler: Schlaefer: much to the chagrin of all who used width: 800; margin: 0 auto; as a base

Robbin: Some do, yeah :p but just using it earns people money

Schlaefer: I mean, i slap bootstrap down when i don’t actually care, but also don’t want people to think that i don’t actually care :p

Lapinsky: Well, people who can discern the difference :p

Orines: Well, back when I was running netscape 1.0 on a zooming fast 14.4kbs modem, my screen was 640×480, I think the monitor was a 12″ or 13″, but shortly after that I got a 17″ and could do 1080

Lunetta: Enough murdering time in this manner for today

Remillard: Can anybody explain how I’m getting thin white lines between my cells? http://pasteboard.co/25Ml6VtV.png

Cairone: Border none. No outline.

Steczo: Who is collapsing? 😀

Marinello: Me, if I spend another hour trying to solve this.

Steczo: Motoservo: hmm, judging from the screenshot this looks like a PDF – CSS for PDF.js?

Vlcek: I’m using phantomJS on this one but weasyPrint is showing the same funkiness. Phantom is webkit but weasy is custom-built with python. So, I ***ume it’s something wrong with my styles.

Soldan: But, doesn’t show on web.

Steczo: It doesn’t show on phantomjs, too?

Steczo: So only on weasyprint?

Stanage: No, shows on both. The screenshot was phantom.

Sabater: It’s smaller than a pixel.

Steczo: Rounding issues maybe? are you using flexbox?

Steczo: How are you placing those boxes next to each other? float?

Gumm: No flexbox. Just some custom markup and styles.

Steczo: Absolutely positioned?

Steczo: In what full browsers you tested it yet? firefox? chrome?

Arduini: Just chrome and safari. But the issue doesn’t seem to appear on screen. Only PDF.

Steczo: And on phantomjs screenshots

Brilowski: Haven’t tried that yet. just the pdf. But I’ll try it.

Steczo: Have you played around with viewportSize ?

Steczo: Are you using float based layout?

Slaymaker: Just a straight up table.