Jerv: position: absolute on.

Calvillo: Hrusti: There’s rarely a time you should need to use custom icons

Krasovec: Calvillo: I have very custom website so I think there are just few font awesome icons that I could use

Carbery: Hrusti: what’s the question ?

Curci: Swander: not really a question, just discussing about how to use/format/what to do with icons from illustrator

Calvillo: Brandeland: You need to do something like div.overlay:hover a.expand{display:none;}

Bergantzel: Brandeland: can you describe the behavior in a more stuctured way please ?

Calvillo: Brandeland: But your overlay is not set up to cover the full width of thei mage really

Bernotas: That the issue I think

Belrose: Hrusti: display then as SVG or create your own font with sourceforge or something like that

Bernotas: It’s covering way more.

Landing: Swander: I think I will use svg as Calvillo and Brandeland suggested

Luzader: Hrusti:

Dibonaventura: I created a font for the hexagonal pavement with sourceforge out of svg elements

Wunderlin: I just thought there is some quick way to export as font from illustrator or something

Zaharchuk: I have a little question

Kelliher: Swander: hm not sure how you did that but look awesome :

Harrower: Brandeland got it working?

Leubner: Since the fall of Flash, the promise of html5, what has html5 achieved?

Tretter: Swander: sourceforge?

Mcmanamy: I mean, we just went bacb to static html + css and managed to get some interactivity using javascript.

Gallaher: You used software from sourceforge?

Smathers: How do we achieve the flash effect with html5?

Athayde: Brandeland with display:none it seems to go intermitent on/off

Jaskolski: Hrusti: but Ive just created a font with several hexagonal shapes

Bernotas: Http://

Ashraf: Hrusti: then it’s nothing but playing with text animations

Bernotas: The issue is it’s creating a lot large canvas than I need.

Bernotas: It only need to cover the image.

Durning: Brandeland what is making a larger canvas?

Bernotas: Because of the padding I guess

Bernotas: When I remove that its ok but I would like to have some ‘sliding’ effect on it.

Megginson: Swander: do you use any software to create *a font with several hexagonal shapes*?

Eppert: Hrusti: font forge. you won’t find anything uglier but it works

Geldmacher: I think I imported the original hexagon from a svg

Bernotas: Scot What is the way to position the + sign in the middle?

Bernotas: Ok wow, almost there;

Musulin: Hey all. I have a question. I have a div, A, which has position absolute, size and positioned somewhere on the page. Is it possible to have another div, B, positioned fixed, but anchored/relative to div A?

Hunnell: For example, I want the poisition fixed div B, start in the same x/left position as div A

Gazitano: I’ve got a parent div with a fixed width and two children, one being an anchor. I’d like to center the anchor in the parent. How can this be achieved? margin: 0 auto does not do the trick.

Marrett: Jerv: how about positioning?

Aring: Nemo, Dead center: , ,

Marrett: But if it is fixed width positioning sounds easiest

Scrimpsher: Nemo: you’re saying just give absolute margin or something?

Marrett: Jerv: position: absolute on child, position: relative; on parent