I’ve implemented.

Andrzejczyk: Can anyone please help me to build this? I’m going MAD about floats : http://fs5.directupload.net/images/151113/syzjvoua.png

Schlaefer: Xreal: what have you tried?

Keisel: Schlaefer: http://pastie.org/pastes/10554130/text

Schlaefer: Xreal: i’m going to ***ume this is approximately what you mean? http://jsfiddle.net/6n23bq6q/1/

Schlaefer: You had a /a instead of /div. why are they floating left if you want them on the right?

Weinbach: Schlaefer: sorry, I’ve removed the content from it. That’s the only example I’ve found. I want the one from the image I’ve uploaded.

Hennes: Schlaefer: I don’t want it to be floating left ;

Sterr: Schlaefer: that’s why I asked for help.

Schlaefer: So then you have nothing?

Schlaefer: You’re going to have to learn css if you want to do css.

Besendorfer: Did you learn baking if you want to eat a bread?

Schlaefer: You don’t want to read a webpage, you want to make a webpage.

Schlaefer: You’re asking _me_ to bake bread for you to eat, for free

Pereyra: But even IF you want to make a bread, you just use a how-to.

Haaz: Schlaefer: yeah, I’m using you as a baker.

Boysen: I’m asking you to bake a bread for me.

Garbacz: Xreal # how-to bake webpages, Resources to help you get started: http://hashcss.com/schools/

Schlaefer: I only bake bread for other people when i like them, or when they pay me

Givliani: Schlaefer: okay, gimme your paypal or bitcoin account :

Ellyson: For CSS? Which age are you living in ?

Becena: That’s C++ price nowerdays.

Gilbride: But thanks for your help.

Schlaefer: Sorry, you’d be better off taking this to #css-lance if you want to hire someone

Linne: Can anyone suggest any good name for a new design company?

Schlaefer: Mark_____: ##design seems like a more on-topic place for that

Schlaefer: But take any random word and add “design” or “consultants” and you’ve got a winner

Schlaefer: Underscore Design? Long Tail Consultants?

Muggeo: Haha. i prefer not to use any word like ‘design’

Junes: That sounds too unprofessional

Schlaefer: It explains what you do, right in your name.

Cheesman: How do you think about me usiing colon symbol as the company name?

Doersam: It’s simple and uniqu

Schlaefer: And you thought my ideas were unprofessional.

Schlaefer: Yeah, i’m going to hire rectal designs

Schlaefer: Ceci n’est pas un cologne?

Byington: I once used as the symbol for my blog name.

Schlaefer: Right. there’s a reason why Price was derided as being pretentious for his adopted moniker

Moons: Useless if i don’t understand.

Morataya: Rectal cologne how witty

Schlaefer: My kids are going to love their names, let me tell you

Morataya: Just don’t keep them in your will

Gotto: I having some trouble with IE11 where it cuts off some svg content, but displays html just fine.

Bagnoli: I don’t now how to show you as its on my local dev server? ANyone know a way to share a MHTML file?

Gianunzio: Http://ge.tt/48Yn2hR2/v/0

Matten: IT displays fine other browsers, except Firefox doesn’t display the lines linking the middle elements

Guella: And someone knows why FF might be acting like that also would be appreciated

Ashdown: What does the “,” do in here? .sun .mask,.sun .content {

Morataya: Julius: it separates selectors. a space is not a selector delimiter.

Malamud: How do I set a min-height for an empty tbody?

Corr: I’ve implemented drag-n-drop for some tables. You can drag the rows and drop them in any tbody. But to enable dropping in empty tables the tbody needs to have a width and height despite being empty