I’ve already ***igned the.

Lewry: Semmel, http://kpaste.net/eec38

Mizrahi: Why is inputtype=”text”, textarea inside * {}?

Clason: Oh now it works when I take it out of that thanks Audlex

Bakst: Anli: got a sample url?

Tannen: Now I can have this with a FF dark theme and still be able to read what I type , yay :p

Rumpf: I got it working, thanks Semmel anyway

Naki: Semmel: I took a look at the developers code and I don’t know from where that textarea is coming because the input is define as simple input type=text . I think it’s a mess between, jade – scss – angularjs and bootstrap . the api’s and frameworks used in that app .

Stinde: Always make sure your code knows who is boss

Anadio: What’re the current design trends?

Morataya: So you can avoid them? 😀

Tarantino: So I can use the bits I like. I’m being considered for a digital design job and I haven’t really done any web design in 2 years

Vansant: Hey, I have a carousel that is using slick and I added background-attachment: fixed to it so that it will do a sort of parallax effect, and but that causes the images to get all wonky, is there a way to get that to work properly? If i remove the fixed, it works great.example is here:

Matya: I hate bootstrap, I hate all this hipster frameworks and api’s which “ease” the work with css .

Morataya: Newbiee: now you’re talking sense. hate it with all your might. vanilla css is king

Morataya: And so is semantic html for that matter.

Bedeker: And all this compilers which use precompilers . cause I have to work with jade and scss .

Hagie: What is semantic HTML? I figured semantics was about using elements correctly.

Morataya: That’s exactly what semantic html is and you’d be amazed how people still use tables for layout in here

Free: Morataya: Oh right, I thought you were badmouthing semantic HTML.

Mathes: How can i set height flexible according to amount of button i can have 100 buıttons or 500 buttons. http://jsfiddle.net/2omfq5xj/188/

Morataya: No i love it more than my mother’s right toe :

Thenhaus: I did a recode of someone’s website a few years ago because I yelled at them for using tables, so they told me to do it better and they’d use it.

Boyett: I was bored, so I did

Morataya: Yeah turn the heating up

Ladyman: I use WordPress these days for my website though. Found my website hard to keep updated. :

Morataya: Fed up sitting in my mancave in a duvet all the time

Sonders: I know the W word is a swear in here. 😛

Morataya: Where i worked before we did custom/bespoke cms’s and i learned how superior that was to something like wp. you might think about that sometime

Morataya: Or any m***tard cms to be frank

Liddie: Morataya: Mmm, how so?

Bauchspies: I can edit the things I’m not amazed by. The one thing I haven’t figured out yet is why it takes longer to load than I would like. I’ve done as much as I can for it including server-side improvements

Morataya: Meta: bloat for one thing.

Morataya: Terrible code that leaves you open for exploits. all sorts of terrible stuff

Seegobin: I’ve got it set to auto update as soon as it finds them. Minor and major releases.

Morataya: Most sites don’t need even a quarter of the backend code and usually you can’t even use a template easily. wasted time and energy

Morataya: Update an exploit to be better? :

Eros: My host works in big production routing and security stuff, so my installation is about as safe as WordPress gets. I’d like to move things about, but when I’m looking for work is definitely not the time to do it.

Gobeyn: Hi question, how can I get a canvas to become responsive?

Dragone: I’ve already ***igned the img-responsive cl*** to it, but it’s still not scaling on the same rate as the div it’s in