It’s written into the.

Yuste: Background-size: cover is not what i want, just sticking the image at the bottom via background-position: bottom. the issue is that the body element doesn’t extend past viewport even if specified separately

Paske: And i’ve got long content so it’s easily overflowing body

Saha: Not even fixing it helps? darn

Susa: I mean “fixed” as in the CSS

Studzinski: That’s how I work with my content going down

Andelman: Isnt that theoretically supposed to work?

Steckelberg: I meant to paste that

Pulcher: MrXXIV: 15*161+0*160=240 vs 14*161+15*160=239

Molden: Not exactly worth knowing, but that’s the math

Vidrio: That’s interesting, well at least that answers my question in absolute form haha

Instasi: Problem changed a bit, body does take up the entire page properly but the site container, the one with a fixed width and centering the page contents is now stuck at viewport :/

Tarran: Scratch that, looks like a chrome/firefox bug. positioning fixed it

Czach: How to make use of page-break-before ?

Dusablon: Px1mp comma is taken as “OR”

Garnette: I mean like is it interpreted like “only screen and max-width: 600px” or does it mean “every device, where max width is 600px”

Cobden: Justin-bieber: so the first case, only screen and max-width: 600px ? This stuff is little hard to test :

Inda: How can I leave some empty space from the previous div ?

Babat: And another question, I cannot come up with a reason for heaving max-device-width vs max-width in the media queries.

Vergo: Sigdk: what do you mean specifically by ‘some empty space’ and ‘previous’ ?

Sweis: Px1mp: width=device-width,initial-scale=1 is what roughly 120% of sites will want

Lohman: If you were making a phone-only webUI, you might change it

Nino: Mostly to keep people from zooming

Cullars: It goes like this “consider only screen. if max-device-widthis the width of the device’s entire rendering area, i.e. the actual device screen OR if max-width is the width of the target display area, e.g. the browser the do this { }”

Maginn: Reisio: yes, that what I have at the top of my page.

Jennkie: Justin-bieber: I believe the meaning, but it seems to me, that max-width is a superset of max-device-width and I cannont realy think of a case, when I need to be specific about max-device-width and max-width isn’t good enough.

Malkoski: Px1mp —

Odenheimer: I think it’s vice versa max-device-width is the superset of max-width !

Balasa: Px1mp: max-device-width and similar are being deprecated soon

Enterline: Justin-bieber: thx, I think I’m missing someting with the fact, that pixel is just an “optical reference unit” – will have to dig deeper in this theory.

Balasa: So you should use max-width

Tune: Hi Balasa, hope you are well

Balasa: Px1mp: yep

Balasa: Hardtail: hi, i am, thanks :

Dempewolf: Balasa: ok then, I’ll try to study that up to my best

Camancho: Hi. Is there a way to make the last line always on the left? here: wordpress/projetos/">

Harabedian: Atomicb0mb: check with the JS lib options first

Mcginnity: Reisio didnt find anything =/

Collinsworth: It a plugin from takira, which uses mixitup. But i think i can resolve this with css. but maybe not hehe

Gastel: Go to this page here in the calendar topmost.I want to find the style for the 19th day.this underline it has

Nichter: Reisio: yes but I cannot find the style for it

Lam: It’s written into the source via the JS