It’s not a site I’m.

Magwire: Lodrigue: i tried to hack the js version but failed ;

Halseth: There’s a WordPress page builder plugin called “Visual Composer” and I’m using the “Tabs” module of it but clicking the tabs just scrolls down to the tabs and doesn’t actually change sections. Can someone tell me why this is happening? I can probably figure out how to fix it after that. Link:

Petrillose: Shalom, I’d like to specify a selector that targets all h1 tags, no matter where they are

Steenberg: In my situation, I am importing a CSS include, which has the following code:

Spieler: H1, h2, h3 ,h4, h5 { color: #095677; }

Kaszinski: Unfortunately, before it is included, higher up, the theme has a set of configuration that does things like this:

Rohrich: H1, h3, h4, h5, h6, h1a, h3a, h4a, h5a, h6a,h1 a:link, h3 a:link, h4 a:link, h5 a:link, h6 a:link,h1 a:hover,h3 a:hover,h4 a:hover,h5 a:hover,h6 a:hover,h61 a:visited,h3 a:visited,h4 a:visited,h5 a:visited,h6 a:visited { color:#000000;

Brzuchalski: Should probably fix the theme then

Martindale: Okay? so. h1 { color: red !important; }

Rene: Basically, the theme aggressively targets all H* tags and sets them to black

Sevadjian: Brzuchalski, CSS Specificity • Tutorials: , • Spec: • Graph yours: http://jon***

Matchett: Ah, thanks, I’ll try that

Beyerlein: It’s “poor form” to interfere directly in a wordpress theme, so I’m told

Beyea: Since it will just change when the theme is updated

Galt: It can, but since he’s targeting all h1 tags, if he goes to target anything more specific than “all h1 tags” it’s going to override with another !important.

Gauthreaux: Margin:10px auto 10px; what do these denote? 10px top auto right left 10px bottom?

Folkins: My question’s getting buried.

Brzuchalski: Jittler: right, and then youre adding !important to anything involving an h1

Dorian: H1 { color: x !important; } will require any specific h1 coloring to also be !important.

Zeolla: It doesn’t mean all future modifications of h1’s will require it.

Brzuchalski: Es, and thats annoying

Charity: It certainly can be, but some WP themes are completely ***** and you have to make due.

Brzuchalski: Jittler: for your question, what do you mean by tabs?

Lodrigue: Bombo,

Snide: Brzuchalski: If you click the link, there is a “tabbed” section. The expected functionality is that clicking on each link will display the contents of that section below. The “tabs” being: Full Service Bookkeeping Consulting Payroll Bill Paying

Dobransky: It works in the Visual Composer preview. I can make a quick gif to show you what it should be doing if necessary.

Brzuchalski: Jittler: youve got JS thats hi******* the click

Handwerker: Mind telling me how you determined that?

Kossak: I ***ume it’s the smooth scrolling of the theme, but it’s disabled in the theme’s options. I figure I can hack together some javascript to remove the click events on them currently, but I wouldn’t know how to rewrite the VC tabs javascript.

Brzuchalski: Inspected the link, checked to see if there were any functions bound to the click event

Swopes: Lodrigue: aaah getComputedStyle thx again :

Chennault: I have the chrome inspect element thing open but I don’t see where click events are listed. I’m missing a pane or not seeing a thing. Let me look around.

Afable: Oh yeah, now I see how to look at this stuff.

Brzuchalski: Also you have a JS error in the console

Koverman: I have a what in the what?

Peiffer: It’s not a site I’m developing, by the way. I was just asked to figure out if I can get these tabs working.