It’s describing how the.

Veneman: Div input type=”submit” name=”cmdShowMsgAll” value=”all messagesˆ” id=”cmdShowMsgAll” / /div

Veneman: Are you looking at the source, or are you looking at the DOM tree?

Drier: Im looking at the source not the dom

Veneman: Then you can see the literal whitespace in it

Kistenmacher: Wfpkhc, Please try to keep your questions/responses on one line – don’t use the “Enter” key as punctuation!

Vallas: I just converted the code and it doesnt fix it

Oaks: Fine ill try and keep it to one line but its a bad habit

Veneman: Are your changes live? i don’t see them

Stahley: Try now – – the code is all the same – what happens if you cannot remove the white spaces around the tags?

Veneman: What do you mean all the same?

Benston: Div input type=”submit” name=”cmdShowMsgAll” value=”all messagesˆ” id=”cmdShowMsgAll” / /div

Massenberg: 12:41 Veneman whitespace!

Latner: If the buttons for 1,2,3,4 are all the same code and they are inline with the white space, surely its logical to have white space around the last element – which would allow it to fall in line

Veneman: Okay, see, you can explain that “I added the whitespace around the element”

Veneman: So, the reason the gaps aren’t showing up now is because that a is a block, not inline, and not inline-block

Wenz: But they are showing up in firefox

Giuliano: And no css was changed – only the white space as you suggested

Veneman: Another reason they aren’t showing up is that inline-block containers wrap their contents. if you want a space, add one with margin left/right

James: I dont think we are on the same page.shall i screen shot and explain it that way?

Veneman: You want the orange gaps to show up on the left and right of all those buttons. they are not showing up on the last one.

Rundquist: In the brower look at “all messages” button, and next to it “create new team” if you look close enough, the create new team is one pixel lower then the all messages button

Veneman: See. that’s why you don’t use enter as punctuation. that took a minute of waiting to see if you were going to bother explaining.

Veneman: Oh, that. i didn’t notice. don’t bother trying to fix that

Veneman: The font’s different too, are you going to also fix that?

Tracey: Im open to suggestions for fonts – thats the one area i cannot seem to pin point as a “yes no” topic – %, PT, px – it seems to change through out the years.but why not fix the 1px? it has to be fixed – and i want to know why its happening and how to fix it

Veneman: It’s happening because it happens a lot. if i change the font-size to 9pt, and the padding top/bottom to 2px, it appears to be fixed

Maruca: Ill take a gander at that

Veneman: The only consensus i’ve heard on font size is don’t use pt, try to use em, % and px when needed

Mcgahan: 9pt where did you change it?

Veneman: The create new team button. the button we’ve been talking about

Minervini: Exactly – why cant they bloody pin-point which one, % em or PX – last i heard % was the “path well traveled”

Veneman: Because techniques evolve

Abud: Evolution is one thing – constantly moving the goal posts with no end in sight is another thing

Petti: And your right about the font – what a bastard

Lipman: Fonts always give me the Sh

Veneman: That’s what evolution is. C++ is evolving too. JS as well.

Hatada: With all respect but C++ evolution has nothing to do with font render drawing inside a brower.

Veneman: You can’t deride evolution just because it’s happening in something you don’t like

Hollandsworth: But css isnt rendering the output – its only describing the output

Veneman: It’s describing how the output should be rendered. pt, px, %, em, that decision is made by CSS authors. that decision has evolved.