It’s all a static thing,.

Crumble: Reisio, “The Measurement tool is a new feature for the artist to measure the elements in their drawing. To use the measurement tool, simply choose the tool, click anywhere on the drawing and drag the ruler out. The measurement tool will live-update with measurements of length and angles as you p*** over objects in your drawing.” If nothing else, want. :

Caflisch: I can see how the angles would be useful

Bressette: I currently create lines myself as reference points when I rotate text to figure out what angle they cover so I can rotate it so that its center is at a corner or something.

Emke: Kind of long way around.

Bormann: Hellyeah, your selector doesn’t match. You put a space between territory and enlarge when both of those cl***es are on the same element.

Mogle: But I don’t know that this will fix the problem you report, just fix the selector.

Zwanzig: I really want a decent tablet computer so I can draw more

Wilcoxson: Precise computer drawn things, without a klunky mouse/touchpad

Chatlos: Reisio, I may end up teaching an “Intro to Inkscape” course locally at some point. It’s free and it seems like a lot of people don’t know there way around. One guy locally had an egg bot. Only did pre-created drawings on ping-pong ***** with it through Inkscape had some plugin because he didn’t know how to union/difference/etc. things to get rid of extra parts of shapes he didn’t want the bot to draw.

Bolster: People go to those things

Tess: Yeah this would a cl*** or something at the local hackerspace.

Hofmans: AMcBain: i fixed the error you told me but no change here can you take a look

Redmond: I did say that might not do anything other than fix the selector.

Samland: But if you were trying to effect your changes inside of that selector it will now work.

Jiminez: Try adding some margins to the left or right in there.

Ackah: It is done

Burdeshaw: Https:// is it possible to give opacity: 0.5 to those who doesnt have .active + when non of them has .active, they will all have opacity: 1?

Ferdolage: Uh well no. So you can give all those without .active an opacity, but you can’t make them all opaque when none of an active cl***. How/when is .active applied?

Lott: If .active is indicative of a hover status then what you want is possible.

Veth: The cl*** is being added when clicked

Baroni: Ok, then just use JavaScript to detect this case and set a cl*** on the parent.

Posik: When we change DOM element width through javascript

Mearing: Does box-sizing property refresh its values?

Propst: What do you mean? box-sizing’s value doesn’t change unless you tell it to.

Nabarowsky: Say i have a element with padding value of 5px on either side

You: With box-sizing , the actually inner width would be 90

Bellefontaine: Using DOM selector you set the width of element to 150

Boeh: Now , does the actualy inner width be 140?

Uziel: Tested in chrome , it doesnt take the padding into considering in this way

Scandurra: Inner width is set to 150

Daill: Well in theory setting the width would be the width the padding is subtracted from if box-sizing is set to border-box but that would be quite an oversight on Chrome’s part if it added padding back on top of the value you set to make the box bigger than you asked to be.

Tabatabai: Missed marduk1984 earlier but I think this is what they wanted –

Bannister: Mbm, no, no, they said it was on click.

Alfero: I already know you can do that with :hover but it doesn’t help click. You can’t walk back up the tree.

Baral: Though funny thing, LESS and such will “let” you. You can prepend bits of selectors at a parent level from a nested thing.

Paragas: It’s all a static thing, though, not a dynamic matching.