It’s a layout theme for a.

Beardon: Png also supports transparency, where JPG doesn’t. It’s really a choice of content placement and clientele.

Abild: Yeap, I mean, gif89 also has transparency =, tis only 256 colors though, and no antialiasing =

Tumulty: But if the client want that, sure

Kiester: I mainly use JPG for compression images that need to load fast, PNG for any transparencies, and SVG for logos.

Charpia: JPEG for photos, GIF for simple animations you don’t actually want, PNG for all other raster, SVG if at all possible, and then there are icon fonts

Colebrook: Just wondering wordpress and joomla whats the diffrence

Patzner: One ****s slightly more

Driedric: I cant make this ****ing **** work

Buechel: Try color: blackmthrfckrimeanit;

Caba: Cant seem to change the placehoder font color

Munsell: Maybe it’s already black

Kassing: Looks like joomla acts on articles for each page

Fath: What will be the use of flexbox when css grid layout becomes implemented?

Tate: What will be a use case for flexbox?

Balasa: Erm, the same as before it was implemented?

Surrency: Can you explain that a bit?

Balasa: Grid is more for high-level structure of a page

Balasa: Flex is more a way to make children of a container shrink and grow with available spae

Amspoker: But everything in a layout is structure

Weil: For example, in facebook, the commenting box

Hannegan: You can do that with css grid, since its a grid/layout

Dasouza: Maybe not high-level one but.

Champa: Or you should do that with flexbox?

Balasa: Im not sure what that looks like, so i don’t know

Shilts: A twitter replies box?

Tarwater: A commenting box on a news site

Balasa: Im not sure why that would need either of those

Capozzoli: Because it needs positioning

Balasa: So why do you need to use flex or grid for that?

Balasa: Css has been doing positioning since the beginning

Maddock: Like Balasa said: grid is for high level layouts or structure. Flex is more for alignments, ordering, and fluid navigation.

Lettinga: I’m not sure how the legacy support is still affected. I need to update my brain. :S

Balasa: There’s not much legacy support for either

Cocklin: How do i scale a textbox textarea height as the window size increases? also any suggestions for improving the look

Larrabee: Hi can someone help me with this issue, the language selector works fine on chrome,ff,safari, but you cant really select languages in IE, the selection goes away before you can select, how can i get it working in IE, ?

Caraveo: Why is the “box” div not showing the background color?,css,output

Elldrege: Billjs5 you need to use the selector #box

Sharpnack: Https://,output — why both of my radio butons are cehcked?

Schlaefer: Ropo: they have different names

Leiby: Hm not connected to chat server

Wickliff: Aw im only through a chat channel hm

Langworthy: Can anyone help me aligning the title text to the center of the page?

Boreman: The ‘xedition’ logo needs to go the the center

Sonnen: And the search bar needs to be float on theleft.

Hudley: Right now, those elements are kind of messed up all together

Chittam: Mark__: there are a lot of stylings there, that can be removed.

Wohlgemuth: Yeah. i didn’t code this webpage myself

Broden: It’s a layout theme for a CMS