It isnt actually a border.

Rega: I have a div with width and height set in css, but the computed dimension seems to be 0x0, is that because it is absolute positioned?

Rega: The width and height are 0.5em and 0.8em resp.

Pam: Anli, I’m guessing something else is going on. Do you have a testcase?

Rega: Http://

Rega: Gets the computer width and height 0

Rega: Hm, maybe they should be 0 if the arrow looks correct

Rega: Meaning that the width and height are subtracted with the border

Rega: I need to use jquery:s outerWidth instead of width, it seems

Pam: Anli, well you set box-sizing: border-box; on it so instead of adding to the width or height, borders are taken from. Also typically people using CSS triangles want said items to have a zero width and height.

Pam: Letting the borders take care of things themselves.

Pam: Otherwise you get odd shapes like t****zoids.

Rega: Hm, but if I position such a div, it will not become automatically centered, will it?

Rega: That would of course be awesome

Pam: No, it won’t. Having no content width and height is different from the box width and height which is increased by the border. Borders do affect positioning.

Rega: Yeah, so outerWidth to the rescue then

Rega: Works perfectly, I am using such a triangle to point to a menu and it does correctly now

Riker: Veneman, Don’t ask to ask, or ask if anyone can help. Just ask your question or state your problem and wait. Oh, and be sure to read the channel topic.

Tashman: Why is it, when I remove the border from this table, the border goes transparent, and doesnt go away?

Tashman: Why do the odd tables on this page have blue borders, when the even ones do not?

Veneman: Why are you using tables for layout?

Tashman: I dont have options, its reddit

Tashman: I have tables, and lists

Tashman: Lists are hard to do 2 column without a div somewhere

Veneman: Dl dictionary list. it has dt, for dictionary term and dd for dictionary definition

Veneman: Every table on that page has a bottom border for me, so i don’t know what border you’re referring to

Tashman: Even the first table?

Veneman: The Title Requirements table? yes

Veneman: Wow. your visited link style is too dark to read

Tashman: Thats not the border thats the problem

Tashman: The table below that has like 10 1px blue borders

Veneman: I see no differences in any border in any of the tables. how about you be more specific?

Tashman: Http://

Tashman: Http://

Veneman: Was it hard to say “there’s a border between all the cells in the table”?

Veneman: Re-read what you said. it’s just right up there

Veneman: There’s a border on the tr element. generally the tr element doesn’t have a border property, but it looks like you might have found a magic browser that tries to render it

Veneman: None of my browsers do, but clearly yours is

Veneman: In lots of places. use your inspector

Tashman: Border-bottom-color: inherit;

Pam: Border-collapse: collapse? You’re trying to get rid of it, right?

Veneman: If you want no border, use border: none

Tashman: What i dont understand

Tashman: Is that only every other table has this issue

Tashman: Even though they use the same cl***es

Tashman: Hmm, it WAS happening to me on Firefox and Chrome, but now it only happens in Chrome

Tashman: Shows border-collapse:collapse

Tashman: It isnt actually a border per say, but rather you can see through