It doesnt stay at the top.

Geitner: Do I maybe need to put it somewhere certain in the Style.css? rather than at the bottom?

Chuck: Wommack: We’re gonna need some more context, I think.

Dorland: Helpmeplease: Should not be the case.

Mcnett: Helpmeplease: Try changing it temporarily to:

Harford: I’m trying to make a 4 thumbnail gallery for a beginner cl*** in html/css, but my gallery is all *****ed up. This is what i have so far:

Wommack: Marrenarre, I want to create a section with Q and Answer ! I ask the qestion and I put the answer for a shop. How I bui. when they click on the link. the page scroll auto on the answer.

Isenhart: The gallery overlaps the navbar, and when I hover over a pictures, instead of a picture showing up on the right, it just shows up below the pic i’m hovering.

Burm: Wommack: This channel is for CSS. Your question is extremely broad, and it is not focused on CSS.

Kellerman: Helpmeplease: I’m not seeing any change.

Wigren: Wommack: give the answer an id attribute, then make the question have href=”#id”. like: a href=”#foo”How do I foo?/a p id=”foo”You foo by doing bar/p

Henriquez: Marrenarre: me either. i’m not sure why it wont change.

Bohart: Oh I guess I misread your question a bit Wommack, my apologies.

Dowers: Marrenarre: want me to pastebin my style.css?

Wommack: Wigren, this is! thanks

Jeska: Helpmeplease: No need; the problem is it won’t update on the server. Don’t worry, I don’t doubt your ability to copy & paste.

Janowiak: Lol, my c&p skills are on point

Montan: Lemme log in to FTP and check it

Breining: The changed lines are on the bottom of the css on the server

Haase: Puddle: The HTML section of CodePen is only meant for the contents of body in an equivalent full do***ent.

Spessard: I see this in the style.css on the ftp server

Vanoy: Is there a way to stack to images directly on top of one another without using position: absolute?

Stvictor: Okay, it wont show what im typing. yes

Drohan: You could use negative margins, but not if you’re using percentages for image size.

Wigren: Helpmeplease: don’t paste into the channel

Cuozzo: Helpmeplease, Preferred live pastebins:

Wommack: Hmmm , not work preaction

Naderman: Wommack, Always provide a link to a *live* page or pared-down testcase so we can see the problem in action. Looking at code or images alone usually isn’t very effective. Also see paste and testcase.

Wommack: Wigren,

Orta: Marrenarre: i’m not sure why it isn’t showing on the site

Jaussi: Helpmeplease: Neither am I, unfortunately.

Wigren: Wommack: you’re setting base, why?

Minette: Marrenarre: its staying at the top now!

Carlile: Not sure why it took so long to deploy

Wommack: Base href=”” /

Wigren: Wommack: yes, there is a base tag in your html

Plaugher: Helpmeplease: The thing is that it should have worked already with the media query in place.

Wigren: It says that any relative link should be based on that URL, not the current URL. that means that your href=”#q1″ is actually href=”″

Fidler: Maybe it just took some time to deploy?

Wommack: I need to disable that?

Maus: Helpmeplease: No, the code was there in the stylesheet for some time.

Tufte: Hmmm. why would it have just randomly changed after a while then?

Mones: Helpmeplease: I don’t know. It still hasn’t changed for me, though.

Arrasmith: It doesnt stay at the top for you?