Is there an easy way to.

Lalonde: Which also ****s, probably

Perine: And I end up adding you to ~/lists/ppl2napalm

Duncanson: Or they are removing things like embedded videos and content that doesnt work well on OTA mobile, and decreasing bandwidth uses by omitting those items

Weiskopf: Do people use

Tauarez: Video works fine on mobile

Bradica: If you **** at embedding it, you **** at embedding it

Decristoforo: Nothing to do with mobile

Ganley: If I go to a page with nothing but a video on it, I want to see that video

Duncanson: But for a long time IOS and android devices lagged like a mofo doing it, and it chewed bandwidth

Riera: Doesn’t matter what device I’m using

Musemeche: If you don’t show me the video, I hate you

Markos: Duncanson: still doesn’t matter, because

Duncanson: Your narrow perspective of mobile history doesnt matter.

Bundren: I’m still opposed to autoplay embed videos. For one thing, I do have bandwidth limits w/ my phone company

Martinsen: Indeed it does not, it doesn’t even exist :p

Bundren: For another, they autoplay at worst possible time, and in some stupid volume setting I hardly ever access and that isn’t muted as my browser is

Dorin: Well autoplay is annoying, that’s another matter beyond “mobile-ness”

Woodberry: Y’know what’s neat about volume & youtube?

Dudenbostel: Their api lets any website change the volume for alllllll youtube videos

Crandle: As well as mute toggle

Bundren: That’s crying out for pranks I think

Stretch: Nemo: well just redid my page lol

Bundren: Mk2Brett: I think maybe you are colour impaired just like me, and should just stick to using palettes ☺

Glordano: Im a programmer not a webdesigner xD

Bundren: Http://

Iruegas: Hmm that circle border is getting a bit mangled

Bundren: Http://

Bundren: Well actually

Snell: Hi guys. how would you make an effect where you hover an element. and that makes it flash a microsecond of an images in a series of multiple images full screen

Pomares: What appoach would you take?

Risen: And is it doable with css only?

Durepo: Perhaps preload all the images, set opacity to 0 on all of them. and then do a keyframe animation with opacity:1 and animation delay or something?

Eudy: Riedel: it was harder than I thought

Shuttlesworth: Hi all : can i select like :nth-child but counting in reverse from the last sibling?

Scarpato: Https://

Vallely: Hey! Got a stylus question, is there a more appropriate channel for that?

Geller: I’m trying to make a CSS cl*** that I can apply to any object which will then be hidden by default as the page loads, but after a specified time gradually appear, as to make the visitor take extra notice of it.

Daubendiek: Undrinkablesoup, load this fiddle and wait 5 second 😀

Scarpato: Not sure if you can import css files like that

Lacorte: Should be possible according to their do***entation but obviously im missing on something

Brzezowski: Its working fine when im importing another .styl-file gets compiled to css in my output

Daubendiek: Undrinkablesoup, sorry iforgot to save the change:

Daubendiek: However zagaza left but here is a fiddle if I p****d well what he wanted :

Ausmus: Is there an easy way to style a link to the page i’m actually on