Is it bad to use the.

Swell: Https://

Parriera: Hi, please is possible to overlay page with vertical scrollbar with some fixed div that will have its scrollbar as well with no interference?

Purdin: You want custom styled scrollbars?

Regalado: None of those things seem like a good idea

Hybarger: Hi, how could I align the “Add more money” button to the right side of the header text?

Daken: Http://

Rinehardt: Newyorkadam: float is commonly-used in this situation

Conkel: Ah, good old float is just fine

Protano: Rinehardt: I was using that but it seemed to have put the button to the top right it didn’t align well

Rinehardt: So move it down with some margin

Vanhoff: I could do that, I was just wondering if there was a different way

Duerst: Newyorkadam: it IS already on the right-side of the h1

Rost: Bprompt: I mean aligned with the right side of the page

Dobb: Bprompt: like in this img

Ghent: Newyorkadam: also you are using inline styles – is that intended? or just for the fiddle?

Woodsmall: Lemondom_: just for the fiddle, i’m using .css files for my project

Barayuga: Newyorkadam: cheap answer, set .page-header with – display: flex; justify-content: space-between;

Calcara: Soo, are you applying max-width: 100%; object-fit: contain; to all svg elements to improve the layout? Because it seems that these settings are quite useful in most cases. Like the max-width: 100%; for img thing.

Raap: I don’t have any svg elements

Sweetman: Newyorkadam: it was a general question.

Hofmans: I dont know whether to add padding

Waver: Becasue it makes it worse up front, or how to control the responsiveness of the user resizing their screen

Kole: Http://

Foucha: Sroll in and out control+mousewheel or -/+

Dinius: Theres one little sweet spot, when maximized or at 100% – 120% it displays and the button overlaps

Baum: Now I’ve got it working but the button is too long

Sproule: Is there a way to override the flex?

Vertiz: Is it possible to get my graphs on the same line?

Rinehardt: Vertiz: yes. since those are inline-block, the whitespace between them matters. also, remove all margin/padding/border

Vertiz: Rinehardt: there isn’t any whitespace margin or border

Rinehardt: There is absolutely whitespace

Vertiz: Are the cl***es for both blocks

Rinehardt: Http:// – this is what i mean by whitespace

Vertiz: Rinehardt: is the whitespace on the sides or the top and bottom?

Vertiz: Rinehardt: finally! found out what whitespace is

Vertiz: Thanks for the push 😛

Ryen: So I want to achieve the following: Two flex items next to each other – and the right flex item should shrink in width for the left flex item to expand – until it even disappears

Betzen: So the right flex item width should be scarified – as necessary – for the left flex item – even when its width becomes 0.

Isgur: Can I do this with flexbox? or do I have to use mediaqueries?

Goodlin: Resizing issues! wtfff

Tewell: What is the formula for converting font size px to pt?

Kulesa: Hi, really basic question: is there something in which determines the colour of body text? If so, which lines? Thanks.

Boggs: Wikipedia text appears light grey on my screen, and I’m not sure if it’s always the website, or if Chrome also makes it lighter than I need it to be for readability.

Coulson: Is it bad to use the flexbox property to make the content of a div align horizontally and vertically? i’ve been told not to use flexbox as a fix for everything and i agree but it does seem to work fairly well in this case.