Instead of what it hits now.

Novitski: Now, absolutely, if someone says “why are you doing X you moron?”, go to #css-ops and let them know, because that’s unacceptable

Novitski: But saying “doing X is stupid” does not equal “you are stupid for doing X”

Wadusky: No, not at all. I understand.

Wingert: Novitski, you seem to know a lot about mirc manners and etiquette

Novitski: Wingert: i’ve been doing it for 15 years, so i’d hope so

Fissori: Oka: now we know what Wingert is using =

Wingert: How did you find this job?

Hosmer: I’ll admit I was definitely a little impatient becasue I knew it was such a simple fix.

Wingert: Everybody is using mirc?

Fissori: Wingert: mirc is a great windows discussion clients, yes, but is just a client, there are many others, many, some better than mirc, then again, “better” is also relative

Novitski: Boogieidm: how can you be sure it’s a simple fix if you don’t know how to fix it? that’s a dangerous ***umption to make. there’s probably entire months worth of dilbert strips about that exact issue

Fissori: Wingert: hmm right. .I ***sume that’s off their webpage? so, you’re just reading their advertising

Wingert: Its not from their site

Sansoucy: Well, I ***umed that i could just align it, but using bootstrap, it may have been different.

Fissori: Wingert: is not bad btw, as far as scripting. Xchat can do Perl and Python and Bash scripting IIRC

Wingert: I dont do scripting or any programming on mirc.i just use it to ask questions.

Novitski: Boogieidm: exactly. which is why we also tend to ask demand, really a live example or test case. there could be dozens of different things involved. it’s one of the reasons why css is frustrating to a lot of people

Wingert: I dont need all that advanced features

Fissori: Wingert: The god of the cannibals will be a cannibal, of the crusaders a crusader, of the merchants a merchant. ~~ Ralph Waldo Favorite ~~

Pod: Riston,

Gartner: Hello all, I’m back :

Zsohar: Working on a bracket paga with 2 tab. Disregard colors and lack of content. how does this look for tabs?

Lierman: Can anyone tell me why information for both tabs comes up the same. I want the content on each tab to be different.

Satterfield: Http://

Heiken: The second tab should be blank right now.

Pod: K2gremlin, what is your plan for it? javascript or css tabs?

Bergstresser: Not sure what that means. When I click on a tab, I would like the content of the main area to change

Pod: — here is my simplified testcase for it. css only tabs.

Sluis: Pod, Ok I think I can implement something like this.

Derriso: Hi, I just asked this in #html, but I think I actually needed to ask it here: if I put display:none or visibility:hidden on a text-inputfield or a textarea, IE10+ prefills the field with the placeholder on pageload. Is there some neat css-trick I can do other than removing the placeholder or am I going to have to resort to using js to remove it?

Prysock: Pod, in the CSS. what do the do? I thought you could specify like menu li instead of menu li

Pod: Direct children selector

Mccormick: Pod, you stil around?

Pod: Yeah, but not for a long time :

Popovic: I tried to manupilate it just a tad.

Lytton: And use some generic colors just to see.

Ghazvini: Http://

Pod: You forgot the # from the links :

Bridenbecker: Ok thats fixed. Now I noticed you have it starting on target-0. I want to start at target 1.

Bury: And I am going to play with the borders and style. but the generic table is there 😛

Manca: So how can I make land on target-1?

Annibale: Instead of what it hits now at target 2