Instead of margin-left:.

Haskel: Https://

Veneman: Wowk: you can put the scndprnt you can use vowels, we won’t mind inside the .frstprnt

Veneman: Div cl***=”frstprnt”.div cl***=”scndprnt”./div/div

Veneman: Elements can contain other elements

Stair: EllisTAA: try giving a doctype to your page firstly, thus far the nuance is because is in “quirks mode”, not standards compliance, but in this case, I’d side with firefox

Longbrake: Like that

Bonar: Bprompt_: just add this: !DOCTYPE html ?

Cooperwood: Oh wait I forgot to close the case

Aspden: Bprompt_: just added it and that didn’t fix it

Collaco: Why would that fix it?

Veneman: Wowk: yes, and now undo what you did to detailfrst when it was outside of frstprnt

Shontz: Done but looks very ugly Veneman some thing wrong

Seipp: EllisTAA: still in quirks mode from here

Wachowski: EllisTAA: standards compliance :

Falzon: EllisTAA, Quirks Mode:

Veneman: Wowk: at this point, you either need to go read some books, or you need to hire a web developer

Veneman: Set/a quirks = quirksmode

Hauff: I did better before now missing something. it was done and I undo everything to now blow it up before save. now I can not do the same.

Veneman: I don’t know. it’s been 3 hours, and now i don’t care anymore

Sawney: Been 12 hours cant see it

Kotson: Sorry about wasting your time you teach me alot

Mega: EllisTAA: well, you don’t have a pseudo-element for that “content” property, thus

Veneman: Everything i taught could’ve been learned from the thousands of tutorials out there

Cuthbert: Bprompt_: pseudo-element?

Ridep: EllisTAA: but you’d want to set the page in standards compliance firstly

Leahman: EllisTAA: ::before, ::after

Kung: Bprompt_: yeah so when i add before or after the img appears

Flatten: But then they don’t stay in the circle, they are huge

Armond: EllisTAA: yes, that’s the proper standards behaviour. and yes, content: urlsomeimagehere.png; do not take any width/height sadly

Blache: Bprompt_: how would i make the img fit the circle?

Kath: EllisTAA: use a background image instead :

Lakeman: I think i tried that, let me try again

Polk: I tried background-url

Blackbird: Bprompt_, pfew. browser support is worse than I hoped :

Strayhand: But the future is near.

Rotella: When i use background-image: url./explore.png; the circle and img do not appear

Bryce: Anotheryou: well, depends on what feature, if you’re referring to IE, well, IE11 is caught up some, still straggling though

Spurgers: Bprompt_, have an not soo old android browser here

Nathans: Need to wrap my site in an app.

Heyward: Oh, or the cache doesn’t clear. gotta check that first : haha

Fransisco: Veneman: I think I did it?

Propst: EllisTAA:

Dago: Veneman: Now its 100% done updated would you like to check?

Druckhammer: Bprompt_: omg how’d u do that

Hanke: Veneman: but text are still not centered to borders

Veneman: Wowk: yeah. margin is outside of the border. padding is inside

Veneman: Also, the :last-child is broken

Caulley: But you told me to use margins

Minnie: Sorry fixed the last:child

Stadther: Bprompt_: what does the 0 0 / cover mean

Schoreplum: Instead of margin-left: 10px; doing margin-right: 5px; margin-left: 5px;