I’m picky about syntax and.

Snover: Lemondom_: yeah : anyway, I think I may just abandon this idea of content-first

Pouncil: Lemondom_: at least for this bit

Axton: Ash_work: http://html5doctor.com/nav-element/

Knightly: Lemondom_: doesn’t make sense in the scheme of things.

Witek: Lemondom_: that site actually removes the nav in reading mode

Muirhead: Hmm, in all reading modes? what browser? ios?

Loll: Lemondom_: firefox on ubuntu

Yetter: Lemondom_: thanks for your help

Butkovich: Lemondom_: I’ll look at htmldoctor on another computer and see what happens to the nav

Marks: Lemondom_: even if it’s not perfect in all browsers, it seems more ideal

Vanorden: Lemondom_: if it’s perfect in _some_ browsers

Pottichen: Lemondom_: but the nav is there for you, right?

Cherney: Lemondom_: on htmldoctor in reading mode?

Stack: Lemondom_: do you happen to know off the fly if that’s a css thing or a js thing?

Lauschus: Ash_work: yes, I don’t see any nav either

Raithel: Well, I’ll investigate further then

Grinberg: I guess some algoriithms to extract the relevant content of a page – probably using HTML5 elements like main, article or section

Lummus: Is this legit? a.forums:hover :after {} i want to modify the :after of the a when the a is hovered

Wensel: Agh nevermind its just hover:after

Angela: Z1haze: ::after even 😛

Corippo: But yes, it’d be a:hover::after

Oleary: Ahemm nope, means ::after is a pseudo-element, as opposed to a pseudo-cl***, is all

Merchant: But how come the hover:after worked

Kleber: Z1haze: legacy support, for css 2.1, thus :

Hemmert: So proper way is using 2 colons though?

Pflugh: For the psuedo element

Oxman: Is there a pseudo element with which you can ellipse the content inside a div

Oxman: Much like how you use ::before and ::after to inject data around the content

Palacois: Oxman: got picture of what you’re after?

Ayersman: You can make an ellipse of any block-level element using border-radius, not sure if that’s what you’re after though

Oxman: I want to append an inner element around the content

Oxman: Since ::before and ::after merely inserts or appends content before or after the content

Westmark: Does animating opacity trigger hardware acceleration?

Daft: Im building a site and im using an external navbar html

Legier: Im having trouble finding a good smooth solution to include it into my html files

Hordyk: Something like this seems like the best solution but i cant get it to work

Balasa: DEWE: you should ask ##php

Balasa: Jhoffmcd: not on its own, no

Kainoa: Ok yeah but im just not sure even if i should do it in php

Erben: Thats why i asked here :

Battiest: Balasa: thanks! I couldnt find any good do***entation on it

Balasa: Jhoffmcd: afaik only transforms are

Balasa: Although will-change might make it available to other properties

Cuppett: Balasa: thats actually why im searching

Raiche: Hey guys, can anyone help me with a S*** loop problem? For some reason performing math on multiple loop indexes is giving me a type error. If you go to this Gist and uncomment the two lines you’ll see what I mean. http://s***meister.com/gist/2b0a7ed42db9d67f1376

Leigland: Balasa: looking to refactor some old code with translateZ to will-change, and wondering if opacity transitions are already doing the work

Spain: Is anyone else real **** about the order they write CSS? if so, what order do you usually write it in?

Colford: I’m picky about syntax and formatting