I’m looking to up my.

Raitt: Hello. I have a problem with scrolling. On tablet it scrolls only from certain points, not whatever point i choose. Anyone knows how to fix that? http://messenger.ee/lays/indexmob.php

Rob: Do you need javascript to get this kind of effect http://jsfiddle.net/CriddleCraddle/Wj9dD/, or is CSS sufficient? The effet is a navbar that stick on the top of the page when you scroll down the page

Sweeton: AciD: http://caniuse.com/#search=sticky

Counihan: What font size unit do you guys use ?

Guppy: Justinger, what does flex: 1 do?

Guppy: Justinger, Thanks btw

Rosamond: When importing custom fonts, do i need the italic versions too, or does the brower manage to make the standard for italic?

Counihan: It manages to make the font italic squeakytoy

Counihan: You just need the different weights

Rosamond: So, hm, why are italic versions provided?

Rosamond: Because they are custom made?

Counihan: Yeah maybe, some expert would answer that better I guess

Guppy: Codepen.io/anon/pen/JGwvNg

Guppy: How would I align the stars to be in the middle of the text?

Saranzak: Whats the equivalent for inputtype=range::-webkit-slider-runnable-track when the slider is being used?

Benskin: Nevermind. Seems like it just inputtype=range:focus::-webkit-slider-runnable-track

Cominsky: Not sure what I expected

Dillenburg: Rosamond: italic fonts are explizit made italic, if set italic via css on a non italic font, the browsers tries to mimic a italic behavior which will never look like the pure italic font. It’s up to you if you want extra data loaded or happy with the browser rendered result.

Riser: Guppy: Your rating-element has to be a part of your text-element, then you can align it with float or inline-block.

Brundage: ErikPel: keep in mind that not every browser cals a acton on :focus by default. For a interactive element :active seems to be a more proper way to me, but i could be wrong as long as i’ve no idea what you are doing exactly.

Livengood: Andai: you still can use position:sticky with an additonal polyfill – there are a few very good out there.

Lembcke: Woops sorry, that was for AciD

Bizzell: Kristjan85: Please be more specific, i didn’t get what you are talking about.

Fuston: Seinnd_ – noted, thanks :

Piccolomini: Hello I’m trying to have a block and in his right two blocks, one up the other. I tried with this http://www.bootply.com/rgaf84lNvu, but not understand why the blue block overlays the red block. Any suggestion?

Masullo: Mcfdez87, Bootstrap UX library – http://getbootstrap.com – Questions in ##bootstrap

Resner: I think that it’s not a bootstrap question

Serrin: Mcfdez87: http://www.bootply.com/dVPwJGazUJ

Mansel: Mcfdez87: sorry i saw “bootply” and hence made that mistake of believing it was

Farid: Mansel, I think that its a bootstrap issue, becuase if I reproduce the code without bootstrap css lib I see that it works well https://jsfiddle.net/qf6cy6ma/

Chicalace: But with bootstrap lib not: http://www.bootply.com/7oeZm7viBy

Mansel: Mcfdez87: then you’ll definitely want to ask in the channel i linked you to

Seacrist: Does anyone know of a tool that can compare two pages to see which stylesheets they have in common, or don’t have in common?

Slocum: Does anyone have an idea how to get rid of the scrollbar on this iframe? i want to keep only the customscrollbar that’s inside of the body. http://lifeto.cafe24.com/xe/

Patrias: Not sure why the second li tag is larger in height than first.

Dokken: Hello. my background image is not fully displayed http://messenger.ee/lays/

Rendon: How could i fix that?

Lounsbery: Any obvious clues I should look at?suggestions?

Lene: Who has the problem with http://messenger.ee/lays/

Malandra: I’m looking to up my front-end/css skills animations, fancy css-only images, basically anything on codepen, what are some decent beginner resources? for now i’ve just started reading css-tricks everyday