If you need help.

Fenton: Flex is another but would require more significant CSS

Veitenheimer: Great, position absolute worked

Men: Https://www.muvinteractive.com/

Lucear: Guys can anyone take a look into my webiste and tell me why the bar after and before the title is positioned wrong? : what am i doing wrong? http://lifeto.cafe24.com/xe/request

Kiekbusch: Fenton, « http://lifeto.cafe24…xe/request » markup • errors: 12 • warnings: 2 • ch****t: UTF-8 • validation result: https://goo.gl/KjKMUt

Pinsky: Fenton, « http://lifeto.cafe24…xe/request » CSS • errors: 290 • warnings: 175 • profile: css3 • validation result: http://goo.gl/HRaak0

Lipham: What is the cause of an ol li’s number being outside of the ol’s border and is it possible to change that?

Majeau: Kellytk, list-style-position: inside; but I don’t believe that they would show up outside the border unless you nixed the padding on the ol.

Wolak: That worked, thank you AMcBain

Augusto: What’s better for SEO? pc-gaming-keyboards-newyork-mybrand.com or mybrand.com ? The first one has all the keywords of what I’m selling with a lot of hyphens for readability. The second has no keywords?

Beaubrun: Uh firstly we’re not the place to ask that. Second, that first one is a really ugly URL.

Sustar: If you want be to come back by just typing it in because they’ve been there before and liked the experience it’s possible, just maybe you want to be concise.

Voisard: If I saw the first url I’d think it was somebody running a scam

Corolla: Google and friends all get their ranking from context and stuff on pages, people who link to you, etc. Not really so much the domain name.

Spell: Now. That all said. Go ask in a proper channel. 😛

Titcomb: Mbm, yeah and really the only times I see long domain names are joke sites. Like those.that.write.something.liketh.is

Dimarino: I want to buy the domain hammer.space but my registrar wants too much.

Cobourn: I should poke them though in a few months and go “See? It’s been a year. No sale. Bring down the price.”

Mccollom: AMcBain: lately I’ve been finding a bunch of sites that sc**** stackoverflow and do some horrible wordpress blog mashup, they all have thoseurls

Tomlinson: Bah, they still want $375.

Naff: In theory Google should be sending them to the bottom of rankings because of the parroted contents. It doesn’t always work out so well. I think StackOverflow themselves noted this problem once and has something to partially combat, but I’m not sure.

Aliotta: AMcBain: buying a parked domain is expensive, they’ll never expire, they just rotate through parking spaces

Gothro: Hmm, they want $748 for and.space so I guess that means we won’t be seeing a time.and.space for a while.

Goertzen: Mbm, these aren’t parked at least I don’t think so. The registrar just determined they’re worthy of “premium” status so they jacked up the price.

Blailock: If you go and look I think they wouldn’t show up in whois.icann.org

Wanzek: I have a .vodka domain. If I could fix my PTR record I’d like to make myself show up off of my own domain not that one, though.

Messineo: I host my own server so fixing my PTR record basically means. well, I can’t. Maybe. Just maybe if I paid for business cl*** service I could. and didn’t live in an apartment.

Naegele: Mbm, I have found the sites http://iama.ninja and http://bad.Hentges though. :

Patolot: Oh, sorry, it’s http://i.ama.ninja

Cantrell: There’s also a better.coffee

Upright: GoDaddy owns good.Hentges, and it’s probably going to stay that way since intelligent people don’t negotiate with terrorists.

Donoho: Yeah, there’s so many toplevels now I’ve lost track of the .* stuff

Rushforth: Well there’s certainly more options now. I don’t know that all of them are worth it, but oh well.

Fenton: There is http://dumb.domains for the uninspired

Fenton: If you need help choosing