If you move to zimbabwe,.

Sebron: Lodrigue: but you can add flex by using -ms-flexbox

Wever: But that answers the question

Leonetti: So I want to use an extend, however, overriding it is only possible by ordering the styles afterwards.

Eddins: Hashtag_: #s*** exists

Barsness: Anyone interested in checking out my website I created in 1997?

Gierut: Zectbumo: hehe, why not

Widell: Those techniques applied anyway until shortly

Iannone: Or was it a table-sinner site?

Drentlaw: Possibly all of the above :

Lahne: Http://54.org/alfred/original/

Cayce: You had 54.org in 1997?

Sance: That’s progressive, man

Montoto: Best experienced with IE

Lech: IE was a hit back then

Hausrath: Yeah, I was shocked myself

Ply: If I could somehow go back in time to smack myself I would

Boniello: My old websites are the ****

Jaramillo: Repeating backgrounds

Crose: Font tag marquee tag. I am missing the blink tag

Gattie: Text-decoration: none;, of course

Dibari: Sorry I meant FONT tag

Rosell: Hehe, my first website was pre-designed with power point :O

Forcino: I refined my skill and was stopped by IE6 missing PNG alphatransparency support

Valerius: And I used Dreamweaver

Guyll: Oh and don’t forget the MAP area tags

Lodrigue: Hehe : good site : Zectbumo here is my first webshop code from 2000 : http://utasirobert.uw.hu/xmlbolt/shop/index.php

Daruszka: Oh yeah! I remember the hover over replace gif technique

Malmberg: And the resolution of the page

Lindskog: Yeah, like my “high res” 640×480 pics

Novosel: I started with liquid very early, but it was a real pain – because there was no mediaqueries and such

Crombie: So I rather should have used static sites :

Reaper: Ahemm one may note that css3 has a marquee in draft, with pretty good UA support

Yeend: But can it do vertical?

Bichsel: Why not use some margin- trick and transitions?

Lowe: Zectbumo: think so, yes

Pongkhamsing: Computer doesn’t respond

Trottier: Http://www.w3.org/TR/css3-marquee/

Langford: Bprompt: if not a quick rotateZ would do the trick

Kindberg: Zectbumo: hmm I ***ume so, but support for marquee is pretty good

Sorell: So I had to do three modifications for my site to make it work properly on a modern browser

Gebhard: Zectbumo: setting the overflow-style: marquee-block; gives it a vertical scrolling of the content, set it to marquee-line, makes it horizontal, is “auto” by default

Friedrichs: Marquee54/marqueeCRmarquee54/marquee resulted in a space between marquees due to the carriage return

Bambeck: MIDI is no longer available changed to ogg

Borland: Lodrigue, Oh, excellent. Thank you.

Heidrick: Zectbumo: bear in mind that many of IE4 and IE5 css proposals became css 2.01 and 3 standards

Siderine: And it used work without the first td “tabletronetdtwo/table”

Schworm: All in all browsers are pretty backwards compatible

Savelli: And I bought 54.org for $54.00 btw

Leithoff: After inflation in today’s dollars that’s probably $54,000

Jacquemin: Zectbumo: in zimbabwe, that’s a steal of a price =P

Paranada: Bprompt: oh? is there a currency issue there?

Stingle: IIRC the smallest currency note in zimbabwe is 1trillion dollars note

Leaphart: So a hamburger in zimbabwe, is about a couple of millions I think

Striffler: If you move to zimbabwe, you’d gave more “dollars” than bill gates and warren buffet combined