If you are interested in.

Wealer: I’m really noob so I apologize if my question is going to sound extra foolish

Wolfard: So i am trying to overwrite the width of a bootstrap page element and I read that you can add a custom cl*** to overwrite it

Shires: But, I;m not sure how that works. do I make a whole new .css file or do I edit it into my responsive.css?

Kennie: If you find yourself needing to override the framework, it’s a sign to not use the framework

Kennie: If you wanted to, however, you’d create a custom.css file, then include it after the framework stuff

Kennie: And use selectors that were of equal or greater specificity to have your CSS apply

Havlicek: Thanks Kennie, i think I have a better grasp of how it works now, but can you explain one more thing

Silmon: My other friend that is advising me said this “you can add cl*** custom-col-lg-8 after col-lg-8 and fix width for this cl*** in file styles: .custom-col-lg-8{width:80% !important;} ”

Ballweg: Does that even make sense to rename the cl*** like that? with .custom-col-lg-8 ?

Chevere: Isn’t the proper way to make the custom.css load the framework stuff

Laycox: Then just add the normal page element, in this case, .col-lg-8 with the changes value?

Kennie: Does it make sense? No

Kennie: If you’re getting into that territory, you should question why you’re doing it in the first place IMO

Brison: Im really out of my depth to be honest, I’m just playing with css stuff trying to find good protocals

Heft: To give you a frame of reference, i learned about bootstrap and responsive.css like yesterday

Mcanaw: My only expierence is makeing stylish scripts and editing stuff very crudely

Sepeda: I guess what i’m trying to say is, I don’t know any better so jumping ship isn’t really an option

Greenan: But if i could make eveything work native from the ground up then that’d be ideal

Budhu: Im guessing overriding stuff also slows stuff down right? as far as page loads?

Duncanson: Overrides arent really a speed killer in a modern browser, but too many contextural overridews make maintenance and future edits a *****.

Rohman: I have a svg that if I am using it as background image will retain its aspect ratio so if I try to stretch it in any direction, it shrinks in the other direction and becomes centered in that width

Claton: Background-size is 100% 100% and stretching is made by changing the dimension of the div of which it is background image

Kennie: Most likely it has something to do with you adjusting the viewbox size, which doesn’t change the aspect ratio of the thing inside.

Kennie: Or something – svg is tricky

Kennie: Anli: have a URL? Google says what you have should do the trick

Basse: Creating a SO posting right now

Kennie: Anli: it works fine http://codepen.io/Kennie/pen/PPqJWV

Avancena: Would it be different with a svg?

Hegg: I’d like my a div to span the entire li element including padding. How can I achieve this? I’ve tried using box-sizing – https://jsfiddle.net/djn8d6w0/

Kennie: Ah sorry – I didn’t check from Wikipedia

Kennie: Yeah looks like you’re right

Kennie: Hegg: most likely ‘display: block’

Hegg: On a? I have that already 😛

Kennie: Hegg: https://jsfiddle.net/djn8d6w0/1/

Kennie: Put the padding on the a not the li

Kennie: Anli: could be useful for you http://codepen.io/jonitrythall/blog/preserveaspectratio-in-svg

Hungerford: I want to not preserve it : please wait

Kennie: Yes I understand that, but perhaps you need to edit the SVG to allow that behaviour

Kennie: In any case, learning more about SVG wouldn’t do you any harm

Leung: Yeah, there is some preservation attribute, but not the opposite

Onken: If you are interested in that SO-posting: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/32454685/cannot-stretch-svg-background-image-aspect-ratio-will-be-preserved