If I have two inline-flex.

Happe: Ollien: Just out of curiosity, try using this property “-webkit-font-smoothing: antialiased;”

Iturbe: But the vps should up in just a sec

Brissette: Nope as in didn’t work

Teddy: Bprompt Sonicbit http://ollien.com:8050/add_post click on the image button, and the modal should show up

Neubaum: Hopefully flask doesn’t blow uop

Mancherian: Hmmmm I think that port may not be open here

Pousson: Bprompt is it just stuck continuously loading?

Rosso: Oh you mean where you are

Peeling: Sec, let me reverse proxy it

Ketcham: Bprompt http://test.ollien.com/add_post

In: Ollien: well. I don’t see the modal window though

Freehan: Bprompt did you click the image button?

Girellini: Ollien: I’m using a retina display and it seems like I can’t notice the problem on my screen even reducing the resolution

Shabazz: Ollien: ok. just did, is not blurred

Sagi: Sonicbit yeah, my friend with a retina display said the same thing

Agard: But on his other display he had the issue

Bradner: Bprompt try resizing your window

Helminiak: Ollien: I’m not on retina, I don’t see the blurr either

Chicalace: Bprompt what browser?

Mccolm: This is beginning to look like some walkaround

Mercardo: So.where’s the blur anyway? firefox 40

Bambacigno: Ah, it might be a webkit thing

Dralle: Yeah doesn’t look like it happens on FF

Bollie: Bprompt yeah, just tried FF in a VM as well, looks like it’s a webkit thing. Damn.

Athalone: I forgot why I stuck to backend so much

Ohland: Ollien: http://i.imgur.com/GceAwAg.jpg — both blown up to 150% zoom

Chapparo: Bprompt well that’s weird

Rouff: Bprompt bprompt well damn. It doesn’t happen on chrome for windows

Ogutu: Sorry for the double ping there

Behunin: Looks like it’s a chrome for mac thing then. Damn.

Beukema: Somehow, something tells me it doens’t happen on macOSX either

Wonder: Bprompt what do you mean? It’s happening on OSX right now.

Kreidler: Bprompt hm, interesitng. Looks like it fixes itself if I disable the animation on button:before

Nogueira: Do people still use thead, tobody, and tfooter ?

Brodhurst: Table is fine for tabular data

Brodhurst: And yes, I use thead and alike when the table got these

Masek: Most tables i see exlcude it and just use tr

Brodhurst: It also offers me a style handle hehe, I know, this shouldn’t be the reason using one

Yamane: I would use it for that

Brodhurst: C0nundrum: it may be nice when the table still downloads, there was something with tfoot – it can be included in markup at the beginning, before the actual data

Bronchetti: Daubendiek: http://jsfiddle.net/uqbrtLch/7/ trying to apply your thing to my site’s header but having trouble. can you take a look?

Mcgohan: On this page below the meteorites there is a purple stripe with “visit the gallery” that has a transparent t****zoid cutout thing. on firefox and some others, when you scroll quickly With mousewheel, the little section splits away and “floats” back — weird. http://mmg.tcu.dev.infugia.com/

Brodhurst: Images in text blocks, float or flex?

Preuett: Is there a difference between : and :: ?

Cragin: Does anyone have a good css snippet for header top bar kind of like a lot of wordpress themes have

Cragin: Has phone number address info

Cragin: Https://----escape_autolink_uri:a03ded6cd97ffffa8f7b4e1454f3eecc----.org/themes/albar/

Fahlstedt: C0nundrum :after is older than ::after i think

Hevrin: If I have two inline-flex elements like this spanfoo/span spanbar/span; how do I get it to look like “foo bar” instead of “foobar”?